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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blood Bowl League: Just 4 games left until the playoffs!

Tomorrow I should be finishing my second game of the 3rd block of the league. This just leaves 2 more blocks with 3 games between them (2 for the 4th and 1 for the 5th and the playoffs against the top two).

My list of opponents is like this:
Tomorrow: Dark Elves
4th Round: Ogres and Lizardmen
5th Round: Slann

My last 4 games are against league regulars from the past two seasons. Some of them have had some bad luck or trying new teams that they have yet to perfect yet. I could stand to win a few games and ensure I make the playoff game this season if I play my next few games smart and if Nuffel along with Mork is with me!

The Dark Elves are going to get a huge boost of 220k in incentives which will make the game a bit tougher for me. Alliso will use this wisely I am sure and I am up against speed and decent armor with agility on his side. My goal early on is to punish his team quickly and reduce the #s against me on the field. Then score away a few times. Sounds simple eh? We shall see.

Tim’s Ogres are a nasty lot, veterans from last season he has been getting more draws than anything and has one of the most expensive teams (the only team ahead of me). Tim makes use of a weak roster filling it with journeymen as he tries to save up cash for Ogres and rerolls among other things. Not sure how kosher that is with the rules but everyone seems fine with how this is being done. The annoying part is taking on a bunch of snotlings that don’t mean crap as they will be recycled for next game. Tim is a good player and perhaps one of the top ones in the league and will be a tough game either way. I expect a draw or a very minor win for me if I am lucky.

The Lizardmen have had a rough start to the season also. 4 Sarus, 1 Kroxigor and several skinks is nothing to laugh at. He has a fast team, as strong as mine and a mix of light and heavy armor. This is going to be another game of bashing and trying to make an opening to score. Plus they are going to benefit from incentives due to points.

Pat’s Slann are going to wrap up the league in a weird game IMO, here is why. As this is our last game he has had all season to build up his team, so I will be up against skilled players on his team just like mine. High speed, agility, a mix of light and heavy  armor and leaping is going to be a pain in the arse to take on. I won the preseason game against him when we was having pizza and playing for fun.  Like all my games, I have to inflict pain to the team quickly hope for some KO’s and casualties early on to keep my opponents pinned down and against the wall. Again, my enemy here is incentives as Pat will have me on the ropes again in this area.

I also have to gauge each game as I go. Bad or really good luck could happen to any of my opponents that could shift the tide on how a future game could go down. The Undead team so far has a solid 4 wins and 2 draws to my 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss leaving me in the #2 spot with the Ogres and Rotters trailing behind us. Part of me is considering banking most of my cash until near the last game. If it looks like I will be going to the finals I will hold it until then. I figure at that point I could boost my team with coaches, cheerleaders, star players and other goodies to help me out.

At this point I am going to play each game looking to add a few SPP and try to get a few boosts on all my players (or at least a majority). I have already picked out a few that with a few points from a touchdown or casualty could build up another skill for a player. With at least 4 more MVP points that could be won by anyone at random we will have to see how things go.



Best Offense (Total TD's)
Body Snatchers - 10
Morks Manglerz - 7
Great Maw Murderfaces - 5

Best Offense (Average TD's per game)
Body Snatchers - 2.5
Morks Manglerz - 1.75
Great Maw Murderfaces/Its a Glandular Problem! -1.25

Best Defense (Total TD's scored against)
Morks Manglerz/Body Snatchers - 2
Its a Glandular Problem! - 3

Best Defense (Average TD's against per game)
Morks Manglerz/Body Snatchers - 0.5
Its a Glandular Problem! - 0.75

Best Touchdown Difference
Body Snatchers - +8
Morks Manglerz - +5
Its a Glandular Problem! - +2

Roughest Team (Total Casualties Caused)
Great Maw Murderfaces - 12
Body Snatchers - 11
Its a Glandular Problem! - 9

Roughest Team (Average Casualties Caused per game)
Great Maw Murderfaces - 3
Body Snatchers - 2.75
Its a Glandular Problem! - 2.25

Toughest Team (Total Casualties Suffered)
Tenacious Turtles/Morks Manglerz - 3
Tuatara - 4

Toughest Team (Average Casualties Suffered per game)
Tenacious Turtles/Morks Manglerz - 0.75
Tuatara - 1

Best Casualty Differential
Body Snatchers - +7
Tenacious Turtles/Morks Manglerz/Glandular - +4

Most Expensive Team
Great Maw Murderfaces - 1,430,000
Morks Manglers - 1,370,000
Body Snatchers - 1,290,000

Most Popular Team (Total Fan Factor)
Body Snatchers - 7
Morks Manglers/It's a Glandular Problem!/Great Maw Murderfaces - 4

The Gate Magnets (Average Fan Attendance)
Great Maw Murderfaces - 10,500
Body Snatchers - 9,000
Mossylog Pollywogs - 8,500

Largest Crowds
Great Maw Murderfaces -vs- Mossylog Pollywogs - 23,000
Mossylog Pollywogs -vs- Body Snatchers - 22,000
It's a Glandular Problem! -vs- Morks Manglerz


Best Players (by SPP's)
Baby Huey - Ogre - Great Maw Murderfaces - 23
Ivory - Wight - Body Snatchers - 21
Eggshell - Wight - Body Snatchers - 19

Best Scorers (Total TD's)
Ivory - Wight - Body Snatchers - 4
Snaggletooth - Blitzer - Morks Manglerz/Spika - Blitzer - Morks Manglerz - 3

Best Passers (Total Completions)
I don't have a name yet- Catcher- Mossylog Pollywogs - 4
Zlern - Gutter Runner - Squeek! Look it's a ball.. - 4
Jack - Thrower - Squeek! Look it's a ball.. - 4

Best Interceptions (Total interceptions)

Most Vicious Players (Total Casualties)
Baby Huey - Da Great Maw Murderfaces - 6
Tut - Mummy - Body Snatchers/Doza - Blitzer - Morks Mangerlz - 4

Most MVP Awards
Whole bunch of players - 2

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