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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Toys for Tots: Season's Beatings! A 40k Kill Team Event

I just published on the bulletin board one of our LGS, Anthem Games, is hosting a Toys for Tots event. The goal here is to gather up some toys for the kids which are the real winners here and have a blast while doing it.

With pizza, prizes and drawings as well as 5 unique Kill Team missions should offer for a crazy and fun afternoon at Anthem Games in Tampa!

Image was found on DakkaDakka. I love it!

My only singular disappointment with this event is the lack of prize support from "other" related vendors to the hobby and GW themselves. James the owner of the store has gone to bat with prize support for the event and we are using part of the entrance fee to supply pizza for the event. I had hoped that other groups like Wolf Lair (Army Builder Maker), Army Transport, etc... would have jumped at the chance to send something to the event to promo their product as it relates to our hobby and is good for their business as well as it does not directly affect Anthem Games, if anything it may encourage James to carry something if he can see an interest and profit for his store.

If you live near the area, drop on by! Please support your local Toys for Tots drive near you! Make some children smile on Christmas Day!


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