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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Review: Nocturne

Finished Nocturne the last book in the Salamander book Trilogy of books and wow, what a surprise on how this ended. It keeps very much to the Salamander theme of the circle of fire; everything in the book comes full circle and wraps up several plots both major and minor up nicely in the end.

The best aspect was that of Vulcan Hestan’s quest for the relics and an interesting twist this book brings to light for his quest. Anything else would spoil the deep thought that can follow afterwards. Let’s just say it wasn’t disappointing.

It was nice to also read up more on the Dragon Warriors background/fluff as it was slowly revealed in the book. They are the evil twin of the Salamanders in many ways and were an excellent villain to wrap up the book series.

I was shocked that they killed a “named” character from a codex. I dare not say who if you have not read the second book in the series Firedrake. Still, I doubt this character will remain dead long and will be back in some weird twist in a future book.

A true space marine book driven on the faith of Vulcan to carry them through the fires of battle if there was ever a line I could attach to this book. I would recommend you pick up this book and read the entire series if you have not.

I am currently reading the Outcast Dead written by Graham McNeill. At this point, I am only a few pages into the book and is a bit of a historical driven book with a dry story so far but they are laying groundwork for the meat of the book. A review will follow later!

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