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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Skaven vs Vampire Counts Battle Report


Met up with Mark (a local Warhammer player) at one of the LGS, Skull'N'Bones for what was my second offical game of Fantasy facing off against his Skaven.

My first game was against Empire with a friend of mine by the name of Chris that haunts another LGS, Anthem Games. As I was new as he was this was more of a fun game than anything and was intended to allow me to try the new rules out. We had the weird mission of  “Dawn Attack” that randomly puts your army out on the table which really twisted the game around to my favor. We made several mistakes all through the game but we had fun all the way through to the end.

Mark and I rolled up some scenery for the table getting about 7 of them. Two swamps, one Khemri, one Shrouded mists, a hill, another hill that was the Anvil of Vaul, a building, a wood and Alter of Khaine. We scattered the scenery about and rolled to see who deploys first. Selected my side and placed first. My goal was to put him on the cluttered side of the table to slow down his ability to counter my moves.

My list was a mix of this and that just to try out some new things:
Vampire Lord <4+ ward save, helm of the trickster, +1 magic level (Vampire, not the upgrade) and Loremaster (knows all of a single lore, I picked Vampire>
Necromancer: Black Pierapt, Dispel Scroll and had Danse and Invocation spells.
Cairn Wraith (from the White Dwarf)
Skeletons with full command and spears x30
Ghouls x25
4 Fell Bats
8 Black Knights with Barding and Full Command
Varghul (proxiy)
Terrorgheist (proxiy)
Corpse Cart

He had:
Skaven Seerer Lord
Battle Standard Bearer (one that rerolls)
Warpfire Cannon
Skaven burst gun
Skaven Flame thrower
Block of Plague Monks with frenzy (30)
Skaven Slaves Block (50)
Stormvermin Block with Halberds (50)
Skaven Warriors large block (50)

He had all with banners and commands, a few banners to help his list and some magic items on the characters. Mark played a semi-soft list as usual. In a 2k points game, I did not take a H-Pit Abom, nor did I take a Screaming Bell, nor did I take a plague furnace. The only thing that I took with any teeth was the Doom Wheel.

The game was over by turn 2, called it on 3 once the Vampire Lord was dead and the army was turning to powder.

First round was good for me, went to setup some charges. The Gheist flew to the edge of the woods ready to engage the Doomwheel or a Skaven Flank. The Knights, Varghul, Skeles and Ghouls marched forward to the Skaven. The Fell bats landed to his left flank.

Then I had a great magic phase (all spells went off). Picked up a few spirit Hosts including killing his ratling gun, putting a wound on the warp cannon and taking a few random skaven along the way for 5 wounds worth in total. Raised a few skeles to the bunker unit. Nailed a few more Skaven with magic missile. Then my luck ended.

Mark pushed the Skaven forward, had one failed charge. Well, maybe not all my luck was gone yet!  Then he started to take some shots at me with a rocket, the cannon and the flamer. His magic phase was a bit bland and uneventful, I think he got one or two spells off on his turn. His shooting phase was the nail in the coffin with the Hamster wheel of doom wounding the Terrorgheist for 3, the Black Knights lost a few, lost a row of ghouls among other stuff.

Second round was the deadlock for me. I charged with the Gheist, Varghul and Black Knights. I hoped that the Varghul and BKs could punch through a unit and then cause further havoc later in the game. Magic phase was up, I rolled really bad for magic…only able to toss three dice for a spell but got a 6-6-6. I got off the spell that allowed me to restore 3d6 wounds to multiple units. The Unit took a large STR 10 blast, the vampire avoided harm by using the Helm of the Trickster to reroll the wound and I got a 1!
I added a wound back to the Gheist, Black Knight and loaded the Ghouls back up.  Then the close combat phase, I rolled like poo on this one, we had a draw. The Wheel took a hen the wheel shot bolts and the hamsters attacked killing the Terrorgheist in close combat before he could wreck it. He got something like 10 hits and wounded several times. Enough to kill it in all, I passed maybe 1 6+ save for Regen.

Mark got of a series of charges. Hit the Vargul on the side, Slaves into the Ghouls, Plague Monks into my Skeletons. He got some magic off in this phase after I burned the dispel scroll the round before that added insult to injury. The Varguhl , Vampire and Skeletons was mauled to death when he used a banner on his Plague Monks and the Varghul was dragged down screaming.

At the top of 3 for laughs I rolled. Most of the army went poof. A good general knows when to admit defeat. Good game there man! Rematch at some point!

The Terrorgheist is new and untested as it just appeared in White Dwarf this month. I was not impressed but I know if it was able to hit the Doomwheel it would have ripped it to toothpicks in seconds. The Cairn Wraith was meh for this game also, didn’t hit a situation to frustrate my opponent with an Ethereal character.

Lowpoint for Mark was:
His magic phases was meh (slang for no so good) during the game. He did get scorch off one time on the ghouls to the tune of 7 ghouls or so. I also got frenzy off on the storm vermin which only added 5 attacks (very deep ranks for steadfast on 10 with reroll). For the most part magic didn't do nearly what I thought it would do.

For me my first turn spells ALL  went off like 4 of them in a row.. He tried to stop one with 6 dice and failed with a 1,1,1,2,2, and a 4 I think. It went off on a 20 or something. It was the Wind of of Undeath. It killed my Ratling gun! first turn.

Highlights for the Skaven - the Doomrocket hit and killed the corpse cart - d6 wounds is a bit much for the one shot 30 point item - but that's what the rules say.

The Plague Monks were the kings this game with the Plague Banner (rerolls hits and wounds in ONE combat). Very good against low armor, medium toughness units such as skellies. With 3 attacks each in horde formation they eneded up with 42 attacks. In the end after saves and multiple rolling a total of 17 skellies bit it. After combat resolution, the entire unit crumbled and Vampire Lord too.

Highlights for the Vampire Counts - The wind of undeath getting off, the skaven player unable to charge their storm vermin into the Black Knights (thus allowing the lances to get their +2S on their charge next turn), destroying the rat gun first turn before any use!
Irresistible force of summoning to heal 9 wounds across the board on his weakest magic phase (he had only 3 dice but made very good use of them). In fact, I  got all of my magic spells off the entire game. I'm not absolute on that.

In the future, I will have to make a comeback against these rat bastards! Skaven always been a thorn in my side no matter what edition!

Pictures of the game:
Meet Mark, that Rat Bastard! (just kidding!)

First Turn movements.

Hamster Wheel of DOOM!

My summoned spirit host and Fell Bats eyes his cannon and flanks for openings.

Best proxiy every! My Terrorgheist. Epic battle!

Doomwheel swings around behind the knights!

Skaven move to finish off the undead!

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