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Monday, August 25, 2014

Closing down the blog....

I am going to consolidate blogs and merge my articles with my "Dice of Legends" blog as I have not been doing much 40k or Fantasy of late. I could launch into a long story as to why but just simply, my heart isn't into the game like it was, time for a break again. This happened after I left GW and I was inspired to play again a few years later. Right now the rules are not to my liking and perhaps things will change with Fantasy for 9th and if GW can get 40k under control. Who knows!

I invite you if you are not a follower to join my main blog:

I will be doing an update there and cleaning up a few things to make everything fresh and of course my current articles here will be loaded there before I clear this blog.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First game of 7th (or 6.5, whatever they are calling it)

Lee wanted to get a game in with the new rules after having a few days to read over it. Being I had taken leave of the game for about a year I decided to dip into the waters to see how the changes are.

We met at Learn to Play Games in Tampa as they was open on Memorial Day and Anthem was not. The owner was really cool and the store was clean and well laid out. Clearly more of a card and board game store they also really want to bring in more mini gaming to the store.

Lee had the typical IG and tested out a few odd and end things...2 Wyrvens, several Chimeras, some veteran squads and a regular platoon, Inquisitor, Commander, some Priests and Commissars. A ton of shooting in essence....against my small horde of Word Bearers that had a Dark Apostale, Sorcerer, 4 Squads of 10 Marines (1 with 2 flamers, 1 with 2 meltas, 2 with 2 plasma guns), 2 Havok Squads (4x Heavy Bolters and Missile Launchers x2 and Autocannons x2 in the other), 2 small squads of cultists and a Vindicator....we opted for 1500 to keep the game small as we was learning the changes to the rules.

We opted to try one of the Maelstrom Games, which are the  more advanced missions, we got the one where you can score off your opponents cards as well as yours. In these missions the objective cards can really swing a game it seems. We placed 6 objectives, I won table side, Lee got first deploy/turn. I failed to seize on the first turn. At first our dice was wiffing but the large number of shooting from all the Chimeras, squads and weapon types plus Wyrven Bombardments started to take a heavy toll. I tried to stick to the game to  rack up victory points and managed to earn first blood....many of the scoring cards came up on my end and I was able to stall  Lee enough to rack up a decent total before my army crumbled in the end. We rolled for another turn and got it, this really helped Lee fill the gap...

The result: 10 VPs (me) and 7 VPs (Lee). I got first blood and a lucky 3 on a d3 on a card with a bunch of other 1 point cards. Lee got my Warlord, Enemy Lines and 5 from objectives. The Word Bearers was blasted to atoms and was to me a hollow win. It did prove the cards creates a random element in the game and does make things slightly less predictable. 

Psychic Powers: Interesting changes, overall I think I like it....I do see a heavy psychic army pulling a ton of dice into a pool and stomping  someone in the psychic phase. Being in its own phase is nice to see again.

Like the Circle of 3-4-5 of vehicles going from weak to tough to weak to slightly tougher in 6th....I killed TWO Chimeras the entire game and it was a pain in the ass. AP1 and AP2 weapons are IMO gold now if you REALLY want to destroy a vehicle. Vehicles are back, they are no longer plastic coffins...

We really didn't do much hand to hand as I was foot slogging and he mostly sat back and shot with Chimeras advancing squads safely. Shooting is a bit more brutal with model removal and the resolving X set of weapons first also seemed to be a nice return.

What would have helped me was to have a Demon Prince and used the new Psychic powers to summon squads of demons to rampage on the field, fluffy for Word Bearers anyway. Also, Rhinos...or rather transports in general, a MUST in any army. Drop the cultists and take a few would have helped.

After thoughts, they fixed a few issues and opened a can of worms in many other aspects. To me the scales just reversed now. I had to say this but really their new stuff like the Wyrvens was DIRT cheap and UGLY in the game....yea, GW wasn't marketing these bitches to sell like other new kits right? Right! I do see several abuses that can spawn up quickly and I am unsure how this will impact the competitive gaming. To me keeping it simple and playing with friends is what I will do....and watch the local tournaments. Personally, the Unbound option just screams ABUSE ME! Like other famous lists you see on the net that are very popular to use by power games that just have more money than sense. Yea, I have a 9 Vendetta lawnmower list....pat yourself on the ass and call you Susan because you are that special. You broke the game and exploited the rules. Feel good? Want a medal? Making the game not fun for others a good thing? Nope. Oh well, it is going to happen....I just plan to avoid the stupidity. Yea, I am now a beard and proud of it. 

In many ways I am slightly disappointed by how GW handled this edition, the editing is rushed as I think the rules testing was also. They are clearly mining for cash and don't give a rats ass about a game really as long as they are sucking in the cash. They had a great game and concept and slowly been sucking the good from it and also pricing themselves to the point it is just stupid. Great you have a quality product but you don't have to charge designer drug prices for it. 

Shots of the game...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A good marketing idea?

GW just sent this email out showing off the 5 new paint sets they are selling. They of course have a golden demon painting a demon. Still, was this a good idea to draw in the younger crowd? While I have no issues with magic and demons, when I did work for GW there was several parents that only let their kids play 40k and not  Fantasy due to magic....some parents saw demons and marched right out of the store....

Think this a silly thing? Perhaps, but it can dampen some recruiting prospects of new blood into the hobby. I know lots of people that never watched Harry Potter because of magic, Star Wars because of the mysticism in it, etc....I know many will say that then perhaps this isn't for them.

I do recall one of the guys at the store I worked at did a great demo with younger gent and then was walking about the store showing all the armies he could collect and play with the boy's mother in tow. Then he picked up a box of damonettes (the old metal nude ones) and pointed out that we even had demons he could play. Let's just say this didn't go over well for the boy's mother and they left....

Thursday, January 9, 2014

RIP White Dwarf! Welcome Mini-Dwarf!

So, now White Dwarf is going to Mini-Dwarf magazine! It appears that the price is $4 a book for 32 pages. Now it sounds like they have acknowledged they are going to move away from the Sears and Roebuck style of making their magazine a glorified catalog and actually make it a hobby magazine again! Wow! What a concept!

Problem is the game SUCKS ASS! Yea, let’s throw in Forge World, Super Heavies and extra Fortifications to make up the sales and totally push the game from any concept of competitive gaming to ROCK>BIG ROCK>BIGGER ROCK! Wow, Magic the Gathering for Minis, do you kiddies have your credit cards yet? Better get a larger limit!

Great idea, but a few years late there White Dwarf, guess you see the writing on the wall and trying to find a new way to rake in some extra cash? How so? $4 a pop equals $208 per year, even discounted they would make more than their typical subscription rate of 12 issues for the prize of 10 (or 8 if you are willing to go to a GW store to pick it up)....yea the one’s that are closed at weird hours, has limited hours and run by a lackluster black shirt that is worked like a slave and is conditioned to be a used car salesman when you walk in.

I pray that if there is an 7th that it may bring some hope back to the game, but I doubt it. As long as they keep letting these knuckle-dragging-idiots push the game along in this direction, right into the pit of despair and hell itself! Oh well, good news there are plenty of other games out there and we can always go back and play “Classic Hammer” back when editions was worth a shit.

Wish in one hand, poo in the other....which one fills faster? 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

40k in review for the year

Well, my last Codex that I purchased has been the Dark Angels and before that Chaos. I bought a few models with the Shroud Speeder being my last purchase of GW items so far in 2013. My last two events was a tournament in June and playing at the Kalm in Alabama in May. I had a blast at the Kalm despite some setbacks and it was good to see my family. With Bolt Action taking up most of my time and looking for a new job 40k hasn’t gotten much attention.

This year, the Kalm is out for me due to starting a new job and low leave balance (that I need to save for my 10 year anniversary!) but I do plan to do some fun games. I am unsure if I will go to tournaments anytime soon as I just frankly hate the meta right now and until that settles down I don’t want to go play a cheese fest. I’ve always wanted a good solid game and not a game of big, bigger, even bigger!

Adding Forge World was the shadow of doom to the game, including it as “official” is crap. FW is big boy toys with people with lots of money to piss away, granted with the price hikes of late the entire game is going in that direction.

Already brought up the price hikes…wow steeper and steeper every year.

Finecast gone….good! It sucked ass.

Adding Escalation rules for more defenses and super heavies? Really? Super Heavy vehicles are just stupid to add to the mainstream. This is a push to sell crap that isn’t selling.

I am looking forward to the Ork Codex and future IG releases, that may revive my faith in 40k. I have read the Inquisition book and think it would be great to play with for some laughs in game.

Overall, I am going to sell some of my stuff. Things I won’t use anytime soon or have used in the past two years. I need to reduce the clutter and make space. In the past it was reasonable to collect this and that…now, it is just THIS and only this within limits. I do plan to have fun with 40k but on my own terms and not GW’s anymore.

I do plan to finish up various armies that have been long neglected and back into the painting circle as well.

My armies as they stand:
Tau (going to be sold)
Orks (waiting on the book)
IG (waiting on the book)
Space Wolves (staying for now)
Dark Angels (staying for now)
Inquisition (staying for now)
Chaos (Keeping Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, 1000 Sons & Death Guard. Khorne gone)
Demons (Keeping for now, for Word Bearers, etc)
Fantasy Vampire Counts (keep)
Fantasy Chaos (get rid of, the small bit left)

Am I giving up on 40k? No, but I am going to a more casual play for this year while I wait to see what happens when the dust settles. For now, I want to play some of the new Kill Team games and just general fun games for now. I have been lax with articles and I hope to perhaps revive that with painting, reviews and some flashback articles also.

Happy New Year!