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Thursday, January 9, 2014

RIP White Dwarf! Welcome Mini-Dwarf!

So, now White Dwarf is going to Mini-Dwarf magazine! It appears that the price is $4 a book for 32 pages. Now it sounds like they have acknowledged they are going to move away from the Sears and Roebuck style of making their magazine a glorified catalog and actually make it a hobby magazine again! Wow! What a concept!

Problem is the game SUCKS ASS! Yea, let’s throw in Forge World, Super Heavies and extra Fortifications to make up the sales and totally push the game from any concept of competitive gaming to ROCK>BIG ROCK>BIGGER ROCK! Wow, Magic the Gathering for Minis, do you kiddies have your credit cards yet? Better get a larger limit!

Great idea, but a few years late there White Dwarf, guess you see the writing on the wall and trying to find a new way to rake in some extra cash? How so? $4 a pop equals $208 per year, even discounted they would make more than their typical subscription rate of 12 issues for the prize of 10 (or 8 if you are willing to go to a GW store to pick it up)....yea the one’s that are closed at weird hours, has limited hours and run by a lackluster black shirt that is worked like a slave and is conditioned to be a used car salesman when you walk in.

I pray that if there is an 7th that it may bring some hope back to the game, but I doubt it. As long as they keep letting these knuckle-dragging-idiots push the game along in this direction, right into the pit of despair and hell itself! Oh well, good news there are plenty of other games out there and we can always go back and play “Classic Hammer” back when editions was worth a shit.

Wish in one hand, poo in the other....which one fills faster?