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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day: We will not forget.

bald eagle head and american flag

To all that have served, I thank you for your service.
To all those that have died to protect our freedom, I thank you.
We as Americans are not perfect, but we try to uphold what is right.
We may not often get things right but that is an element of freedom...choice.
Be proud of those that served our country and give them the honor they deserve.
To fight takes courage, to fight with conviction takes character.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Kalm - Shots of the Game

Here are shots of the game, I'll try to write out a narrative later!

My round one Ork opponent!

My friend Chris discussing his list with one of the few female players there. He later told us she said she had only been playing a few weeks but we both saw her last year with marines. This year she had orks....hahahahha

Early in the game...charge!

Dark Angels Anchor and hold the line.

My Round 2 opponent with White Scars

Forward boys! After scout movement!

Random shot of a well dressed (and color coordinated) Tyranid player. Yes his army is yellow also.

The battle of the bikers begins!

Dark Angels hold the center.

Scouts catch Samuel off guard and cheap shot him!

Round 3 opponent with Marines!

Carnage on turn 2!

George Flowers our former Warboss retires but gets a cool axe to kill anyone that pisses him off!

Lee walks away with another trophy! Best Sportsman!

The Kalm 2013 - Armies on Parade

Well, I have been slacking a little so here are a few shots from the Kalm before the games broke out. The weather sucked (it was raining and cold) so people was packed inside so it was hard to move around and get decent shots of several armies. I did the best I could!

My Army: Dark Angels with Blood Angels


More Orks


Nice Orks

Great split paint Marines

Snappy Necron Army

More Orks

More Orks

Close shot of the orks

Nice Marine Army

Another Marine

Objective Markers (cheap and cool)

Our Shot glasses this year!

Lee's Orks

Theo's Chaos Army

Dark Eldar

More Marines

My Round 1 Ork Opponent

Very Cool Wolf Pelt Work on the Raider

Someone loves college sports....yes they are painted a college teams colors.

Another nice Ork army.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Florida takes home two Blood Bowl Awards!

Last year I was the only Florida player, Chris had not interest in playing at that time. This year, he and Lee both entered with me into the Blood Bowl tournament, I think it was a total of 8 players and I feel one of the best times ever.

We had pizza and beer with Blood Bowl! Yea! Can't get better than that!

David, my first turn opponent! Orks was his team.
 He is running a grot revolutionary army tomorrow!

Tom, the Skaven player that smoked me.

Mathew, orks for the last round!

Lee got  most offense (what I won last year)
Chris won Best Sportsman

The awards! Yes, that is real bottles of booze with this years logo!

Tomorrow 40k! I am gunning for a trophy!

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Calm before the Kalm!

Well, the Red Riders have arrived! Yea our van we rented is red so that means "GO FASTA!"

It was nice to see my mom and dad the night before and we finally arrived in town here in Huntsville!

We went to see Iron Man 3 and wow, a great movie to round out the last two! Go see it, I don't care to spoil it but all three of us liked it.

We got checked in and started to unpack and chill our drinks (beer and soda) and got some coffee. I think Lee crashed out and took a nap, Chris grabbed a shower and I just relaxed some and tooled around on the internet.

It was rough at first when we got here knowing we had two rooms with king beds and one was to have two beds instead of one! Looks like we had a cancel and my nice southern charm got us the room!

Off to play Blood Bowl in about an hour!

Here are a few shots of the room and hotel! Oh and a few road trip shots!

Only in Alabama!

Look! Theo's Helldrake checking out the the Alabama landmark!