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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Kalm - Shots of the Game

Here are shots of the game, I'll try to write out a narrative later!

My round one Ork opponent!

My friend Chris discussing his list with one of the few female players there. He later told us she said she had only been playing a few weeks but we both saw her last year with marines. This year she had orks....hahahahha

Early in the game...charge!

Dark Angels Anchor and hold the line.

My Round 2 opponent with White Scars

Forward boys! After scout movement!

Random shot of a well dressed (and color coordinated) Tyranid player. Yes his army is yellow also.

The battle of the bikers begins!

Dark Angels hold the center.

Scouts catch Samuel off guard and cheap shot him!

Round 3 opponent with Marines!

Carnage on turn 2!

George Flowers our former Warboss retires but gets a cool axe to kill anyone that pisses him off!

Lee walks away with another trophy! Best Sportsman!

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