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Friday, November 18, 2011

Blood Bowl League Update

The second game in the second segment of the season was completed along with my first game of this new 3rd segment. Overall, I feel that the games went ok as both  players was long time Blood Bowl players and was a tough opponents to play against. My apologies on no pictures, I forgot to bring my camera on both nights!
My last game of the second segment was against Chris and his Nurgle Rotters. This game was pretty much a back and forth game of bad luck and good luck. The last round on the last turn of the game was the make or break of the game between a draw and a loss. Chris managed to slip down the field and I was  pressed to “go for it” to get one  blitzer next to his Beastman and then make a daring dodge to blitz in an attempt to stop him from scoring. Alas, I rolled a 1 on the “go for it rolls” and with no rerolls fell flat on my ass and lost the game.
Chris earned that game with puss and guts from his Rotters. It was a very enjoyable match and my first loss of the season.

My third segment game 1 was against Mike, a long time player of Blood Bowl but new to our League. He had been involved in an Orlando League and his Undead Team was 4 and 0 when we faced off against my 3 Wins and 1 Loss. At this point, we are some of the top runners for the league for the finals.
His Undead team had a mix of bad luck and good luck throughout the game. Mike felt he had more bad luck in the first half and was just about to concede the game during the second half until I talked to him and kept him playing. I hate to see people quit and not have fun. Perhaps even to the point of not winning if need be which the case was. I eased up some and well, things blew up in my face a few times while I played the game for fun more than a win. Mike was able to pull a draw out of the game despite some setbacks. More than likely if I played more hard core I would have stomped the undead 2-0 if I had wanted it.
While he was a great player it was disappointing we lost some time trying to resolve his negative feelings of the game and his bad luck. It’s a game really and we are playing to have fun in the end. That is why we play games pure and simple.

I did find it interesting that on the last round I moved to foul his Mummy (and failed) and he seemed to get rather upset about this saying there was no reason for doing that but just pure malice. If you think about it, it could be seen as that but you have to consider a few other facts. First, I am Orks; they would step over in a heartbeat and kick the crap out of a downed opponent if they think they can get away with it pure and simple. Second, sure it was the end of the match but by causing a possible causality that could injure the mummy and possibly kill him only benefits my team or any other team playing against him in the finals. So, was my last act of the game kosher or not? Feel free to discuss. I think it was fair play, it was legal by the rules and this is a competitive league.


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  2. totally fair move, never understand why people moan about fouling in a league.

    Plus, its blood bowl, so expect vicious blood!

    1. The guy was a gung ho type and didn't like how the game was going. Me, I will block the crap out of you if I can.


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