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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Necron Army Road Map: Trends Most Likely

Necron Army Road

Here is how I see Necron Army builds will start to appear on the internet. So far here is what I see will be trends in favorites, occasional and very rare for armies.

Favorites: Will appear in tournaments and will be on early lists to try out. For the most part you can expect to see them in every list without much surprise.

Occasional: These will pop up in lists once in awhile, mainly for players trying to find out if they fit into any specific army build or for fun games.

Very Rare: Short of a fun game, these guys will not be making very many appearances. Only new players getting into Necrons that don’t understand the units will also be fielding these units. Unless someone finds a way to make them a useful tool for a specific list I doubt again they will get much table time until 6th Edition makes us evaluate all units in every codex again to what is most viable.


Favorites: Imotekh the Stormlord, Trazyn the Infinite, Necron Overlord, Destroyer Lord, Crypteks

Occasional: Nemesor Zahndrekh, Orikan the Diviner,

Very Rare: Vargard Obyron, Illuminor Szeras, Anrakyr the Traveler, Necron Lord


Favorites: Immortals, Warriors (at least until people can phase out warriors for Immortals), Ghost Ark (if Warrior heavy)

Occasional: Catacomb Command Barge (If there is points IMO), Night Scythe (AV 11 with no Quant. Shields is why along with points)

Very Rare: None


Favorites: C’Tan Shard, Triarch Stalker

Occasional: Lychguards, Triarch Praetorians

Very Rare: Deathmarks, Flayed Ones

Fast Attack

Favorites: Canoptek Wraiths, Canoptek Scarabs

Occasional: Necron Destroyers (this could go to Favorites depending on play style of a player)

Very Rare: Tomb Blades (due to lack of models and better choices)


Favorites: Canoptek Spyder, Monolith

Occasional: Doomsday Ark, Annihilation Barge
(The Doomsday Ark has to remain still to shoot the big gun, which is why it is here and is almost as expensive as the Monolith which is way better!)
(The Annihilation Barge is cheap but also lacks any major firepower to make it a viable vehicle)

Very Rare: Doom Scythe (due to lack of Quant. Shielding again)

Changes in 6th may change these trend predictions as I have commented earlier. Clearly there are weird things that don’t make sense in 5th for the Necrons that may become clearer when the 6th edition rules roll out.

Quickly the Necron army is going to fall into a standard build that is going to be common at tournaments like any other list. It will take a bit of time for players to figure out the perfect configurations. I give it a month or two and we will see very stable lists hitting the table making Zenos a favorite again away from the MEQ armies.

One quandary I can see is the Regeneration Protocols, even with Ghost Arks and Resurrection Orbs a MSU could stand to be wiped out before you roll. I feel this may be the fist codex to start pushing back away from MSU once that “perfect balance” of a unit size has been found. Back in 4th, when I made my Word Bearers they was tough as a foot slogger unit due to unit size balance with points in ratio. I feel the same will happen here with the Necrons.

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