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Monday, November 7, 2011

Necron Codex Review Part 2: Elites


Deathmarks: Aside from being the first rapid fire sniper, this unit has a lot of bells and whistles with no real substance. You can deep strike in on your opponents turn when one of their units deep strikes in. Still, you can’t shoot or do anything other than setup for your next turn. If they perhaps had the option to shoot, there is almost no purpose to this option. The Hunters from Hyperspace is about the only real ability of merit. You would on a 2+ to the selected unit and this benefit only works best if you take multiple choices. Great looking models, but the rules are a bit lacking. My attitude on this unit may change if the rumors are true about 6ths with changes to rapid fire rules. You can shoot twice at 24" if you don't move. If you move, you can fire twice up to 12" and once at 24".

Lychguards: They have a Warscythe base and 2 attacks they are little else better than a standard Immortal with a T and S of 5. They can be armed with hyperphase swords and dispersion shields, but is that a good trade for 5 points a model? To get a 4+ inv save and a power weapon instead of the warscythe leaves this unit lacking in umph.

Triarch Praetorians: Same price as the Lychguards (200) for 5 and you get the Rod of the Covenant. A STR 5, AP 2, 6” single shot assault weapon is all you get. While they take a loss of the extra attack they do become Jump Infantry. This can lead to some interesting options. Deep strike near a target, shoot their rear armor for example. For a free swap you can take the voidblades and particle casters getting a slightly stronger pistol but you trade your power weapon for an entropic rending sword. In a group this can be nasty in an assault, if you can get them there! These guys will merit further research as to their viability on the field.

Flayed One Pack: These guys should have been put into the Troops section. They have Deep Strike and Infiltrate, yet they lack Rending or Power weapons to make them a terror. Nor do they cause any Morale modifier for their appearance! Great looking models but with limited usefulness in the game.

Triarch Stalker: This bad boy weighs in a tad more than a Dreadnought for a marine but with more toys. Who could hate an AV 13 dreadnought? Not to mention one that can move through cover. It comes with a few weapon options as well. The melta/flamer is stock on it and IMO the best you could consider. The Particle Shredder just gives you a simple template and the Twin Linked Heavy Gauss Cannon just gives you a bit more range like a lascannon.

C’Tan Shard: Now you can have up to 3 in your army and will be by far the most popular choice. Several powers are expensive (they can cost between 10-50) and you must take two. One major complaint I could have is the lack of any option to modify their movement as a beast, fleet or wings to move faster. I feel GW missed some other great options that they could have expanded on.

Here is a break down of their powers:

Entropic Touch: Same as the base power and cheap. Figure this will be a popular choice for a second power.

Gaze of Death: Expensive as hell but if you get him into close combat and survive; you can at least earn a wound back. This power is nasty if your good at rolling a 5+ against marines or hordes. Again, the key to using this is to SURVIVE the attack. With 4 wounds, 4+ inv save and T7 one better hope for the best!

Grand Illusion: This should be a popular choice among many Necron Players. To take de units after scout moves and such are done and redeploy them within normal deployment rules! This includes putting units into or pulling them out of reserve. OUCH!

Lord of Fire: All flamer (and melta) weapons can blow up on their target. While this looks like a cool option (and is cheap) it again banks on the fact someone is using a flame weapon against you and you roll a 1 if they are fired near you. Not a bad secondary power for just “in case” if you need something cheap.

Moulder of Worlds: A large blast bolter is what you get. Not very impressive.

Pyreshards: Slightly more impressive with an Assault 8 bolter with a slightly shorter range.

Sentient Singularity: This would have been a great power if it had a distance greater than 6”, perhaps 12” as it can affect Deep Striking and Vehicle movement around it. Most people will just keep their vehicles away from you and shoot you; their deep striking units will just land away from you. Useless.

Swarm of the Spirit Dust: The concept of assault and defensive grenades is great, but with an I 4 not that great! You also get the Stealth USR; let’s see stealth on a MC? Sigh, ok….a bit expensive for what you get.

Time’s Arrow: A base to base Jaws of the Wolf power. So, hope your playing against a low Init army!

Transdimensional Thunderbolt: Perhaps the best shooting that a C’Tan can take, STR 9, AP 2 as an assault power.

Writhing Worldscape: Expensive but IMO will be VERY popular in many early games. All difficult terrain is dangerous. If scenery is already dangerous, you can get hurt on a 1 or 2. Not only that but any bikes going into scenery or a jump trooper landing in scenery can take some serious losses. Pay attention to that when you play! Get the most for your points.


  1. I got my codex last night and came to similar conclusions. There will be C'Tan everywhere, especially among tournament players. For me, there are alot of conversion possibilities there, that's the part I'm excited about. The deathmarks are too cool not to get, but I'm thinking multiple units would be good for them. Flayed ones are uninspiring (though they were one of my favorites in Dawn of War)..if I have any, I think I'll convert them. But...the necron army is a ways off, probably won't get it going until the second wave of releases...since there are more vehicles to come.

  2. Yea, I think among tournament players you will see either the Triarch Praetorians or Stalkers or simpley multiple C'Tan. Either they will spam with stalkers, MCs or a jump unit.

    As I said, the Deathmarks may get better with 6th edition when it shows next year.

  3. The only thing stopping them from taking 3 C'Tan is the point cost.... and from what I see on the interwebs, I'm sure that won't slow them down. They will min/max the crap out of things. The things people do in armies because "It doesn't say you can't" sometimes makes me sick. Which is why I stopped playing tournaments.

    I'm kind of excited to see the stalkers. I love dreadnaughts and walkers in general and those illustrations in the book look really cool.

  4. Yea, well most Necron lists will be something like this.

    Ghost Arks (multiple ones at least 3)
    MSU Immortals (to max firepower out)
    C'tan x3 (1 big and 1 minor power) or Stalkers x3
    1-3 Units of Scarabs
    Pepper Destroyers and Wraiths(depends on Scarabs)
    Pepper in some Heavy choices as desired.

    No Necron army should be without one Solar Pulse, on the fence about Res Orbs, they are expensive. Ghost Arks are great to help with the Resurrection Rolls.


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