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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Making your own Cryptek Models and Save Money!

As I have started to build my Necron wish list as to what to add to my army to bring it up to speed with the current codex one of my first thoughts fell towards Cryptek’s. As I looked online GW has saw fit to only make one in Finecast and it appears to be just one pose also.

Not feeling the love of spending $15.25 for a single model put me into the mind to look at the rest of the current Necron line to find an alternative. My research found that if I took the heads from the Deathmark/Immortals kit and use options from the Lychguard/Triarch Praetorians that I can build 5 and still end up with 5 Immortals in the deal as well.

Pictured below is the two kits and you can see the head is similar to the Cryptek (sure the Finecast has a bit more decoration but I can live with that), the Lychguard/Triarch kit has enough things to embellish it make me happy and the head from the Deathmark makes a fine feature to round them out. All of their weapons are usually a staff of light or if you upgrade they become a staff/stave or lance. In essence, a pole with a blade on it which fits the need you need. I may consider using something to make some cloaks on them. It is a matter of finding a good medium to make them, I was thinking either a stiff mesh or foil or perhaps straight up green stuff.

In essence you are spending $66 for two sets; we also know many stores and online dealers will offer a discount. A total on 5 Finecast is $76.25, with my plan I get 5 Crypteks AND I can build 5 Immortals to add to my army as well as saving $10.25 at least!

Will you need more than 5 Crypteks? I doubt it. The only exceptions I can think of are large games like Ard Boyz, Apocalypse or perhaps with specific army builds that may demand more than 5 models for your court.


  1. Great idea. I was thinking the same thing last night. You could throw in some plasticcard or spare tomb kings stuff, though its not necessary. That lychguard kit is cool and there are always likely to be extra deathguard heads floating around.

  2. Thanks, I have tons of those Khemri Blood Bowl collars also, not sure if I can work them into something or not. I was going to put them on my Tomb Kings, just never got around to it.


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