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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Update

There has been a few things going on off and on of late, so here is a rundown of what is going on.

Purchased my copy of the new Necron Codex. While I have not had a chance to read over the entire book, what GW produced is a grand slam! It tops the Grey Knights and still IMO keeps everything in a reality of the game that isn't silly. Sure there is some nasty things in the codex but everything is also balanced out. I plan to post up a review on it later.

I ordered from GW Historical "Gladiator", I emailed them and asked if they could swap the order out for Legends of the Seven Seas. When I went to place my order, they removed the "cart" option to buy online and you have to call overseas to place an order! Let's see at $1.99 a minute, gah! Um, no thank you! Sure, you see it on EBay at times but that is a crap shoot. I am trying to directly support the GW company while they are doing their 1/2 off sale. While Legends of the High Seas would be my top choice, Gladiator has some great potential that will make for some great gaming.

On the plus side, I found 8 old pirate figures that I bought long ago when I was getting into the 7th Sea RPG. This is a great start to a collection if they send me the book (or when I do buy it if I end up with Gladiator).

Over the past week, I have managed to paint up a few models for Legends of the Old West. I have posted them up on my secondary blog "Dice at High Noon".

Here is the link:

While at Target, I spied a bag of small skulls that was 70% off. This has the makings for scenery or markers of some type. For less than a buck, you can't go wrong!

Last I am busy working up some missions for the Toys for Tots Kill Team that will be on November 19th. So far, sign up has been slow and I worry about it being close to the holidays will affect attendence. In any case, we will make it happen with whomever makes it. It will be a bast in any case and the children are the most important thing for this season.

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