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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blood Bowl Update

So, my first game was tonight against a Nurgle Rotters team played by our commisoner of the league. It was perhaps the best game of Blood Bowl I have played in a long time.

You can read my write up about the game (an the other older games) here:

The game started out strong for me, knocking out a few players, put one on the bench until Chris rolled a 4+ to recover him using regeneration. He barley scored on the first half and I scored quickly in the second half allowing for a second half of the game to decide between a win or a draw for us.

It was a game of comedy at various points with some bad dice rolls on both sides and we was using rerolls like crazy. The last turn saw my blitzer that was making a move to help assist with a block with another blitzer to fall on his face by rolling a 1 on his first "go for it" roll, with no rerolls the game turned to his 8th turn to walk the ball in for a 2nd TD and not tempt fate with blocks against me.

Sadly, I forget to take some pictures of the game but it was a blast. I hope to be able to take on the Undead team tomorrow after work to see if I can redeem the orks on the turf. I feel good about this game and as a long time player of the undead I know the other team very well and feel the home advantage will be mine.

The early plan of the game is to kick to him if possible. Beat up his team and prevent him from scoring, perhaps even take the ball away and score. If I can I will bust up the Skeletons and Zombies first and then move to breaking the Ghouls, his fastest models. This leaves the Mummies and Wights which are his power houses for his team. If he has little to no support these guys are not very useful and the Mummies would just barely get around with a M of 3!

Let's hope Nuffle and Mork is with me!

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  1. I miss you. Can't wait to have vacation time together.


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