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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Necron Unit Review: Heavy Choices

Heavy Support

Doomsday Ark: Here you have a great concept that just flies off to almost useless to be honest. You can fire a 24”, STR 7, AP 4, Heavy 1, and Blast if you move at Combat Speed. If you are stationary a STR 9, AP1, Heavy 1, Large Blast up to 72”. Sure you can fire, but you’re a sitting target for that turn. Think about it Space Wolf Scouts and Ork Kommandos with Snikrot can auto hit you, many transports have assault ramps (Land Raiders/Ravens) or Open Topped (Orks/Dark Eldar) that can assault it in a single turn and wreck it, in 5th if you don't move your more likely to die. Even the IG has better ordnance than this! Oh, well back to the box for you!

Annihilation Barge: Armed with a Tesla Cannon and Tesla Destructor this little guy can wreck some havoc to a game but so you have a bunch of STR 6 and 7 shots good for light vehicle hunting and for 90 points not a bad deal.

Monolith: Easing down to 200 points, no longer can it shun melta and other bonus penetration rolls like it used to. Still, being able to ignore Shaken and Stunned results is a good thing. The weapons have been toned down some with each array only able to target a single target (but may fire at different targets) along with a Particle Whip and still use the Portal at the same time! The portal works pretty much as before except for unengaged models only, but the Exile option is just insane! Granted it is 6”, but if you get close enough you could such up several models at once with a good position making this a very ugly ability to use. Always use this option first (as it is shorter range) before using the other weapons systems. Anyone that is STR 3 only has a 50% of survival! Imagine if you get within range of 30 Orks! 15 goes pop like that! Even a full Marine squad can take about 3 losses on average.

Doom Scythe: Here is another GW famous, great idea and bad execution. Not Quantum Shielding for starters makes this an AV 11 glass flyer that is a bit pricey, the only saving grace is it isn't open topped. The death ray is amazing and perhaps there is still a chance for it. To me it would be a one hit wonder if anything. As anything STR 6 or higher can shoot it down (and they will). It lacks any special options unlike a Storm Raven that can go flat out and still shoot using the Machine Spirit rule. Interesting that the Necrons never figured out this ability!!!!

Canoptek Spyder: This guy is a deal for 50 points if you have a spot for him! Able to generate scarabs to add to the ranks of swarms (and with their boosts that makes them even more deadly), not only that but they can be made into a Techmarine of sorts able to fix vehicles on a 4+, nullify psychic powers (within limits on a 4+ like a rune blade) and they can have a particle beamer. A vehicle heavy list can benefit from the repair array and the ability to nullify psychic powers can be useful against “directed” psychic powers against your units.

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