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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Necron Wish Listings - What Went Wrong – What Went Right with the Codex:

What Went Wrong
GW should have maintained their standard for Quantum Shielding for the flyers. Sadly, they won’t get much table time because of this. Why put out AV 11, when you can put out AV 13! If GW FAQ’ed this as “we forgot it” they would be viable. If anything, they should have lowered the points on the Scythes to make them more appealing. Mainly the Night Scythe (transport one), 100pts is a bit stiff.

 Destroyer Lord being able to take a Phase Shifter! Something geared for close combat and no Inv option? What?

C’Tan could have used flight (or some movement option like Beasts or Fleet) to make them faster to move.

Deathmarks should be able to shoot at the unit they mark upon deep striking.

Flayed  Ones should have gone troops. Add Rending. Also, assaulting out of deep strike would have been nice.

Resurrection Orb should have been cheaper or given a radius like a Sanguinary Priest.

Spyders should have had some bonus to help “repair” other Necron Units using Resurrection Protocols, something like a +1 to the roll bonus for every Spyder. Up to a 2+.  Maybe limit it to one unit per turn they can nominate.

Gave the Doom Ark the option to move and fire the big gun. Should have been combat for the big shot and if it goes over 6” only the lesser shot can be done.

What would you have changed?

What Went Right

Character and Variety are not in the codex, army lists can be different instead of carbon copied and look like the next Necron Army.

Great looking model line! Everything new, even if it sucks on paper looks wonderful!

Named Characters, despite the fact I hate them the Necrons was due as only the two C’tan was all they had! It has given them some balance.

Able to build your own C’Tan option. It is great to have the Mr. Potato Head of C’tan now to build!

Tons of new wargear options and upgrades with several fresh unit ideas.

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