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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!

What has gone on this year:

  • We havee seen the launch of 6th Edition, a new era of 40k has started. Good or bad time will tell if GW got some things right or wrong. So far, the game is going on fine. Flyers are a bit broken and will be until more anti-air options appear in the game.
  • We have seen the launch of the Chaos codex, perhaps one of the best books in the past few years. Full of fluff, variety of unit choices and options unlike other army books that only offered a few limited concept lists. Necrons for example come to mind.
  • We have seen a milestone legal battle between GW and Chapterhouse and we have seen that GW does not always get their way.
  • We now watch as GW throws their balls to the wind on the Hobbit hoping it will be as profitable as the Lord of the Rings, brace for impact GW, your numbers are going to take a hit!
  • I have won a few local tournaments in the area, each with a different army usually in tow which makes me happy as it shows I am picking up on 6th edition and adapting my army building concepts to solid lists without having to resort to over the top net lists.
  • My friend and I got to go to the Kalm this past year, despite setbacks to the trip we had a blast once we got up there and walked away with a cool trophy for Blood Bowl. With 3 games the next day it was a blast to sip on a beer and throw some dice with whom I feel are brothers in dice. This to me was a highlight and a hat tip to gaming as it should be, not all this super hyper competitive bullshit we see were people travel to major events thinking they are all that and a bag of chips. That isn't what the game is about, it is the hobby, meeting people and having a good experience.

I hope to finally post some pictures of some new completed stuff (once I get a new camera, the old one died) for Chaos very soon and with luck once I get my airbrush up and going a ton of new production line painting that I hope will make a huge impact in my productivity!

There is already a tournament just around the corner for 40k (two this month) and the Dark Angels are already looming in the background ready to roll out. I think 2013 is going to be a good year! I plan to hit Crucible and Kalm this year along with a few local events and as much local gaming as possible for fun. There is a ton of projects I am ready to launch!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas to all! To all a good wargame!

I just want to wish everyone a happy holidays and a Merry Christmas to all and I hope your gifts are full of cool plastic, metal and resin goodies ready to take to the table soon enough. This year has been a bit rough between the loss of one of our dogs, my wife's mother being in the hospital and two visits to the hospital for my mother including a lovely tumor removal from earlier this month. My mother is recovering well, time is going to tell in the end if there is any damage or issues for the future. Take a moment to count your blessings and appreciate the time with your families.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Lost in the Warp

Truely this has been a week of Chaos and I hate that I have not been posting as regular as I had hoped. I wanted to post up some new models I was working on and some other feature items as well as a tournament this weekend.

Instead my mother is in the hospital and I am there now with her. She had to have a tumor removed that was about the size of 1/3 of her brain cavity. I have been in shock and keeping an eye on things here at the hospital for the family as there is little any of us can do at the moment but hope.

She is doing well and that I hope to get back to some regular gaming posts soon!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and a Holiday challenge!

Well, I want to take a moment and wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it today. Take a moment to be thankful about everything in life from your loved ones, family, friends as well as those that serve country. Count the blessings of health we have and the food we have been provided as we are more fortunate than many others in the world. Even those that perhaps live next door to us or those that may be in our life we don't know are suffering in some way.

My challenge is this, I had a moment at a store today. I started to buy something for scenery and I put it back, instead at the register I bought some Matchbox Cars for Toys for Tots. Instead of getting something for myself, I chose to give to others less fortunate. It wasn't much and my wife and I will do more in the future as we always do, but when your out and about, take that moment and do the same.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Darkside Tournament: Chaos for the Win!

This past weekend Chris and I made a trip down to Sarasota to play at Darkside Games. Chris brought along a new Blood Angel test list and I brought along a simple, bland Chaos list to dip into the waters to see how they would do.
Chaos Army List: Siege of Faith (Iron Warriors and Word Bearers) (Double FOC)
Dark Apostle, Veteran of the Long War
Warpsmith with Combi-Melta, Veteran of the Long War
4 Squads of 10 Chaos Marines: Plasma Guns x2, Veterans of the Long War, Close Combat Weapon
Havoks x5: Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of the Long War, Autocannons x2, Missile Launchers x2
Obliterators x2
Vindicators x2
Defilers x2
Aegis Defense Line (no weapon upgrade)
My first game was against another dark brother of Chaos playing the Black Legion. We joked that Horus had sent the Black Legion to bring my two warbands in line for a new crusade and they told him to sod off!
He had from memory:
Winged Demon Prince
Skulltaker (allied HQ)
2 HellBrutes with double talons
2 Units of Warp Talons
1 Unit of Chosen with assorted weapons in Rhino
2 Units of Chaos Marines in Rhinos, assorted weapons, double close combat weapons
2 Allied units of Bloodletters
We placed our objectives face down, picked sides and flipped the tokens and he failed to seize. All I can say is this game was brutal. I had a good defense pattern setup and it was rough for him right from the start. He got the wrong wave first off.
Turn 1, one HellBrute was immobile, one Rhino down
Turn 2, the other Hellbrute goes down, the Demon Prince dies, another Rhino gone, various Marines die, he deep strikes a unit of Bloodletters behind the line. All but 1 was dead at the end of my turn.
Turn 3: First unit of Warp Talons lands (dies to shooting); a second unit with Skulltaker gets gunned down to massed firepower, more CSMs dies...
Turn 4: Last Warp Talon squad lands, gunned down….I start picking off the rest of his CSMs…
Turn 5: Chosen make assault with 3 men I think, kills a few men, I hold then swamp him.
An epic moment in the game that was great laughs:
  • Each time that the Bloodletters appeared I could only hear the Iron Warriors going, “Check with the Word Bearers, see if they summoned any demons…” (pause) “No?” *clicks his bolt gun* “BLAST THEM!* *DAKAKAKAKAAKA*
  • The Dark Apostle and his Chosen in a challenge with power mauls…he took a wound off me the first round, the second round we failed to wound, the last we killed one another.
I sustained no losses in my army and won with a good score for the first round.
My opponent!

The Defence Line

The last demon standing...

Epic finish for the Dark Apostle vs the Chosen! Both dead!
Second Round: Tau and Chaos
The second round was against a regular player Matt that had a hybrid Chaos Tau mix taking it out for a spin. We had a lovely game here of Hammer and Anvil deployment and kill points. We both setup behind our Aegis lines and prepared for the gun exchange.
His list:
Tau Commander with melta and plasma rifle, darksun filter
Tau Broadside with darksun filter
Tau Broadsides (leader) both had darksun filters; I think one had the Target Lock
1 small unit of Fire Warriors
Big block of Kroot
Aegis line with Lascannon
Large block of CSM, with the fearless banner, not sure what weapons he had…
Chaos Lord with Khorne Mark, the special axe, mounted with some nasty assault buffs
Hammerhead with Railgun, darksun filter
Hellfiend with triple plasma cannons
Game was night fight first turn and went on how I expected. All on the dice….we both had some good luck and bad luck, plenty of saves all over. The game was a major shooting exchange as we both knew going out of our lines would have been suicide. So, the game was us taking turns shooting at one another, making morale tests and such...
Towards the end I tore up his CSM unit that came at my lines and the Lord was the only unit to make it, besides the Heldrake passing overhead.
The game ended with a solid win for me, he only had the Heldrake, the Tau Commander, and a Single Broadside left at the end….with my losses including both Vindicators and one Defiler….
Epic Game moment:
  • Matt’s Chaos Lord charges my Iron Warrior Chaos Marine unit, he does a challenge, squashes the Aspiring Champion, rolls on the rewards table (POOF SPAWN) Guess Chaos didn’t take kindly to a rising star being killed off. The Iron Warriors promptly turned their bolters on the Spawn standing 2” away and promptly died.
Matt got First Blood; neither of us got the other’s commander…so points were low short of the win.

Matt that twisted Tau and Chaos commander.

My deployment

Towards the end of the game, notice those two green templates near my lines? Those WERE my Vindicators!

Chaos General charges! Kills my champion.

Life is like a box of chocolates....never know what you are going to get when you roll on that Chaos boon table...Forrest Gump playing 40k
My last round was against Marines
We had the two objective (or as I call it the draw game) with Dawn of War.
His list:
Pedro Cantor
3 Tactical Squads with Drop Pods
2 Sternguard squads with Drop Pods, assorted combi weapons
3 Thunderfire cannons
Aegis line down, we setup….off to the races! This was just a game of drop the Sternguard and Characters down first, then a game of firepower on firepower….a real drop down and drag out game. Overall it was good; we had a few annoyances with the game. Namely the table being both nice and not very level for dice rolling, there were several instances of dice balancing to see if it was flat or not, rerolls and such. Including one I thought was a hit but my opponent said it scattered. Usually, I leave dice out and try to be slow about this sort of thing but being in the finals and tired is never a good combo and I picked up my dice. He said that it rolled down in a low spot on the table after the hit came up. In any case we just agreed to a reroll to avoid argument. He was ill (he had told me earlier he had been sick and his meds was wearing off) and tired, I was just tired….
The game ended on a draw, with me winning overall by 1 point and my opponent taking second place right after me. Chris had three losses with his Blood Angels but it was a very much hit or miss list. One mission was a repeat of his last time at Darkside playing the same CronAir list on the same open table with the SAME missions (kill points). If he had the objective games he would have had a better chance, alas he is going to blow off his Chaos and polish up the Space Wolves with Blood Angel allies now.

Last round opponent...

The defence line...

Porta-pods arrive....

Turn 3 drop pods...

Towards the end, epic shot deending the line...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Return From the Warp

Well, it has been a few days now since I got back from my trip out of the states and I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. I had a few requests to help build a possible 1500 point list and also some other example lists for Chaos...stay tuned....I should have them done in a few days.

I have been busy painting some, relaxing watching Jerico, Dr. Who, Revolution and the Arrow among other things to get me back into the swing of painting and giving my mind a break every now and then.

Here is a few snaps of many projects on the table so mind you they are not all 100% done yet...

Ork Scrap Objective Marker

Tyranid Objective Markers

Random stuff including Chaos and Space Wolf Terminators

Snap of the hobby table with Space Wolves, Word Bearers, Iron Warriors and other assorted Chaos including 1000 Sons, Nurgle and Khorne! Been busy sorting and trying to figure out what I need to add to my collection.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chaos Codex Review Part 7: Heavy Support!

On to the last section! Heavy support, one of my favorites!

Havoks: Compare these to Space Marines and you have a very versatile unit here with options out the wazoo! The popular heavy weapon choices is of course the favorite Autocannon and missile Launchers, that makes the missile launchers even more popular more than ever is this codex is the first to take flakk missiles to the mix. Sure adding them on makes them cost more than a lascannon but now you have THREE options when it comes to shooting. The Autocannon is a strong mainstay at STR 7 with good range making it a reasonable choice for it’s price and performance. Also the ability to take up to 4 assault weapons like flamers, meltas and plasma makes this unit form a different use depending on your needs of your army list. Pepper in a Mark of Nurgle and a possible transport (if needed) and this becomes a very strong unit option (perhaps one of the best!) Don’t forget to take Veteran’s of the Long War to get that bonus LDR!

Obliterators: Still good for what you get in the package, the marks now add some value (namely Tzeench and Nurgle) plus the extra weapon additions adds nicely with the assault cannon and heavy flamer. The only real downside is not being able to fire the same weapon you fired in the prior turn. Just be clever with your shooting and use the Obliterators to fill in the gaps to match your opponents and you will find this to be a very useful unit.

Defiler: This was once a great unit, and then went a bit meh when 5th encouraged people to use them less. Now they have Daemonic Possession, Daemon (Fear and 5+ Inv save), Fleet, Daemonforge (reroll wounds) and It will not Die (let me catch my breath!) making the price upgrade to 195 still very reasonable. I personally am looking forward to trying these guys out as universal filler to my army.

Forgefiend: Again another demon engine that is ok, the Mauler and Defiler weigh in better and the Exctoplasma cannons are nice and helps make the BS 3 easier to swallow as you can adjust at least your template by 3”.

Maulerfiend: I am holding my opinion on this until I see them in action. To me these guys in a pair could be a real threat and could support a close combat based army better than most other unit options.

Chaos Land Raider: Very disappointing to be honest on this one. Price dropped in point value but you get a Marine Version, no variant, no special rules….after all this time in the warp. Take it if you need it, but IMO there is better.

Chaos Vindicator: Another mainstay tank, while the same price the upgrades can make it a bit more worthwhile of an option and 2-3 of these can scare the hell out of many armies.

Chaos Predator: Another mainstay tank, works well in the cheap and simple format of a TL lascannon or simple Autocannon with perhaps heavy bolters. Again the upgrades are what make this guy a gem with adding a Havok launcher to the mix.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Chaos Codex Review Part 6: Fast Attack!

In the last codex this area, well just sucked ass. Now, we have something that makes us proud and perhaps a very viable option for army building when it comes to Chaos.

Chaos Bikers: Price per pound, simply a great choice. Add the mark of Nurgle and some melta or plasma guns and a possible character that is compatible with the unit and have fun! Go on, waste your ammo on this unit, the rest of the army is going to pound you and if you don't pay for it later.

Chaos Spawn: Here was another really bad unit that now has some options to it. To me this is a cheap bullet magnet and can draw attention away from the army without paying a high cost. Ignore it? Well, may suck for you later.

Raptors: Chaos has useful dump troopers again and cheaper (perhaps slightly better) than the marine version. Depending on options this unit could be a serious threat to your opponent with proper scenery and screening by transport vehicles.

Warp Talons: They are very expensive, but if you apply them correctly they can garner a great value on the field. Then again, they can also be a serious liability if you are not careful.

Heldrake: To me the most popular of the choices, load them with a baleflamer and enjoy roasting marines over an open fire. A flying hellhound marine killer is the only way to sum this up.....oh an you can still strike flyers in the air as you pass over...a two for one value. Please leave the Hades Autocannon at home.

Chaos Codex Review Part 5: Troops!

The Chaos codex is very deceptive as it has only two entries but with selecting a character with a specific mark you can shift units around in your book including all four cult troop choices and Chosen (if you take Abbaddon).

Chaos Space Marines: Some people have tried to compare them to a Grey Hunter, which is like holding an apple to an orange. You get something different from each in terms of tastes and nutrition, that can be said in this case. For 2 more points they get a close combat weapon matching the cost of a Grey Hunter, but then this is where it gets different, they can take two special or one special and 1 heavy weapon, their Aspiring Champion makes the unit have a decent leadership (add for another point Veterans of the Long War) and perhaps a mark for a few points more and the unit can be built to suit your needs. A CSM unit is a nice filler between a Cult Troop Choice and a Cultist Troop choice, so keep that in mind.

Chaos Cultists: Cheap, massed troops and with the right leadership hard to break. These guys are great to hold objectives, swamp targets with massed attacks and Marks are cheap. It should be obvious how to take cultists and use them on the table. The favorite of late seems to be taking Typhus and upgrade your units to Plague Zombies, now you have cheap scoring, horde units that are fearless. Yes please!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bonus Review: Rhino Transports!

I could add this at some other point but I figure that it would be better to address it here.

It is the typical 35 points that is common among Marines what is interesting is how you can modify this transport into some unique concepts.

First it is interesting in the Chaos Wargear list for Vehicle Equipment states a model may can take up to one of each of the following. So this means that with the base combi-bolter, you can add anotehr combi-bolter, a combi-flamer/melta/plasma AND a Havok in theory. Granted where the hell you would stick all these weapons would be a good question. Granted this is going to cost almost the price of two Chaos Marines and with the ability to kill a vehicle is much easier saves you much pain from considering this.

What is one of the best choices is the Havok Launcher and makes the Rhino into what I call a Havokback, something similar to a heavy bolter razorback in theory. Still, what is odd is that you cannot just upgrade the combi-bolter instead of adding another one which is perhaps a weird option.

Daemonic Possession is perhaps the most interesting, being able to ignore shaken and stunned on a 2+ and if a unit embarks it could eat one member of the unit to regenerate a hull point.

To me the best options to keep a Rhino reasonable in price is a Havok+Daemonic Possession at most. Dozer blade is a good runner up option.

Chaos Codex Review Part 4: Elites!

On with Elites!
Chosen: This unit can make a nice specialist unit for the typical multiple small units (MSU). If you have Abbadon you can use them as a troop choice again allowing the MSU unit option for troop choices. This is a specialist unit so build it wisely and don’t forget the rhino.
Possessed: Well, they no longer suck. They do have a high price tag, but they are a specialist close combat unit. Again, build this unit wisely and always take a rhino to ensure they can get somewhere to do something.
Chaos Terminators: Not a bad choice, but slightly more expensive than other choices and while the 2+/5+ (or even 2+/4+ with a Mark of Tzeench) seems appealing using deep striking to get weapons like combi-meltas near a target, again a small unit may be worthwhile but a larger one would be a huge point sink.
Hellbrute: Also known as a Dreadnought, again they no longer suck (no shooting and destroying your own army instead) the Crazed Rule makes them very viable as a unit choice. What makes a nice crown to this unit is seeing the Thunder hammer and Power Scourge return to the Dreadnought.
Mutilators: Well, this may be the only item of crap to me in the codex. Expensive, small unit size and limited options unless you can get them into close combat unless you are willing to front for a Land Raider to drive them down the field to get them close enough to be worth a crap. Still, it costs 25% of a 2k list.
Khorne Berserkers: This here is a specialist close combat unit that is very effective; you have to compare them (if you want a reference) to a Wolf Guard unit.   This unit is best as a large unit or at least with a rhino to ensure they get close enough to be useful. A unit with Rage, Counter Attack, Furious Charge and Fearless (and for 2 more points each you can get Hatred) makes this a very impressive unit.
Thousand Sons: Still, a decent unit and a specialist AP 3 killer that if built correctly you can take advantage of the bonus sorcerer and firepower. Be careful to avoid getting tangled in close combat as it will be a slow and painful death.
Plague Marines: Perhaps one of the best choices in the army as they are tough and able to hold up against things with a T5, Fearless and Feel No Pain. What else is just an added bonus that offsets the I3 is the return of the Plague Knife and Blight Grenades making their high cost still a decent value.
Noise Marines: Another decent unit at shooting ignores cover is a great option with the massed firepower they could put out at a low price. Plus they are able to handle getting into close combat taking advantage of the higher I stat they have. Plus throw in the icon of Excess they become another great unit with feel no pain if you are willing to eat the high point cost.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Music of Chaos Marks

I figure I would share a few songs that I find associate well with Chaos as a nice "fun" article between all these reviews. I should have the Elites done later tonight....

Blue Oyster Cult: Veteran of the Psychic Wars

Judas Priest: A touch of Evil

Drowning Pool: Bodies

Disturbed: Down with the Sickness

What are your favorites? Share with the class!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chaos Codex Review #3: Troops

This should be quick as there is just two options!

Chaos Space Marines: Try no to compare them to a Grey Hunter, they won't match up once you pay the 2 points for the extra close combat weapon, still another point and you can take +1 leaderhip and hatred. Then add a mark and some weapon options to me becomes stronger and more flexabile unit for the game. Oddly GW seems to discourage MSU with this unit build making it more worthwhile to invest in larger squads.

Chaos Cultists: Got Cultists? Take them! for 135 points I can pack in 35 cultists, take a character and they are fearless. Not as great as they used to be but oh what the hell! Cheap squads now for Chaos!

Chaos Codex Review Part 2: HQ Choices

HQ Choices:
Abbadon: He weighs in slightly less than Logan and packs a heavy punch and stat package that is impressive. Drach’nyen now still gives the Demon weapon rule plus a bonus to STR and AP making it a nasty Terminator Killer, the Talon of Horus drops in AP to 3 but allows him to hit like he has a power fist (but not striking last!) and grants Preferred Enemy to all units within range. If you have the points to spare he could be fun but there is more ideal choices. Still, it could be nice to have an HQ sit near all your Chaos units to allow them a reroll to hit in both shooting and close combat as well as to wound.
Kharn: Nothing to sneeze at here with up to 6 attacks with Gorechild at STR 6 and AP 2 and throw in Armorbane for giggles. He also has the ability to piss off psykers with his 2+ Deny the Witch. Yea, he still has the Betrayer special rule if you roll a 1 but who cares? Break him off from the unit and send him to town ripping apart units. Challenge? Oh yea, go ahead!
Huron Blackheart: This is another figure that may see more table time due to the simple price balance of his cost to his abilities. Having Master of Deception allowed him to deploy d3 units using Infiltrate. If you build a list around this concept he is a very strong option to consider for investment. Add in the fact he rolls a random psychic power every Chaos turn and has a power axe (for dealing with AP 2 targets in close combat) and the Tyrants claw (still a heavy flamer with +2 STR and AP 3, with Shred and Armorbane). This allows him to be a unit killer again on his own.

Ahriman: Perhaps the most powerful psyker in the game and cheaper than Najal of the Space Wolves! Able to toss out 4 psyker powers (if all level 1), able to shoot multiple witchfire powers and decent access to 4 psychic power groups. Plus to make him a fan favorite add the Warlord Trait Master of Deception to allow you to infiltrate d3 units again.

Typhus: Another quiet bad ass in the codex, lots of wounds, high Toughness, feel no pain and with the bumps to the Destroyer Hive to AP2, STR 4. OUCH! Plus he can convert cultists to plague zombies thus once again bringing back old school fearless, feel no pain and SAP undead to 40k!

Lucius: Well, if you want someone to be your man for clos ecombat, this is a fairly good pick for the points. He is able to wipe out a squad or handle a challenge on equel level but otherwise not all that impressive.

Fabius Bile: Hey, he no longer sucks! His Rod causes instant death, a character with Feel No Pain and can upgrade one squad to be Enhanced Warriors for no extra point cost. I can give +1 STR and Fearless to one Troop CSM unit? Bile may find his way into a few lists.

Chaos Lord: CHEAP! Need I say more? Well, once you load him up with some cool goodies he can become a huge point sponge. Build these guys wisely and they will treat you right!

Sorcerer: CHEAP! I can have up to a level 3 sorcerer for just 5 points higher than a Rune Priest with two powers (and able to use one!) throw in a 15 point spell familiar to reroll failed psychic tests and blam! Add a Mark of Tzeench and use him as your commander and you get Rubics as core troops!

Demon Prince: People bitched when they saw the point leap, sure you have to pay 205 now to get a base 3+ save, 5+ inv with wings.....I doubt people have REALLY looked at the WS and I now? Yea, look again and tell me they suck now sure they can be gunned down, Mark of Nurgle and Tzeench are a Daemon Prince's best friend. Swoop around and chew up units....

Warpsmith: To me this guy is a sleeper, play against an army that loves cover. Tear it down! need to fix something now? Yes you can! You get a nice package of weapons  with some great perks...enjoy with a twist of lime.

Dark Apostle: I missed this unit option for my Word Bearers, I love it, a radius Fearless character, nice! Plus he grants hate to the unit he joins...fair cheap for what you get, IMO a great buy! Plus if you plan to use the gift of mutation, keep everyone near the Dark Apostle, rerolls anyone?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Want to pretend to be an Assault Marine with a Jump Pack?


Just $99,500.00 and you will need some water also, well one perk of living in Florida. Wonder if they have a payment plan or layaway?

Chaos Codex Review: Part 1

Well, after having a few days to read, review and look over various parts of the Codex I am ready to start with an overview of the Chaos Codex and my thoughts on the book.

First off Phil Kelly did a fantastic job, perhaps one of the best books GW has done in a long, long time. Unlike other codex books that there are a few good and then a great deal of crap for units this book has upped the balance slightly to allow for what I feel will be an army that you will find more variety with than any other on the table. I know are tired of the same crap army lists over and over. Oh, you have Grey Knights? Space Wolves? Imperial Guard? What template lists are you using is the common topic? Not only that, but the hardback version is also very nice and stands out as a quality book product compared to their past offerings.

What I really like most about this book the most is how they expanded the fluff slightly and updated things. Subtle things but still, there is more there than what seemed to be in the last codex.

Army Wide Rules:

Champions: Some people love this rule, some people hate it. I have to admit it fits the flavor of Chaos no matter what. So, in close combat you have to declare a challenge or accept one if issued first. So, the age of power fists on Champions is long gone. Time to rip them off and give them either power swords, mauls or lighting claws at this point if you want a chance to survive and if you don’t care hand them a chain sword and pat them on the power armor ass out the door to die. The first thing to look at is how often will your list be in close combat? If you are in it often, perhaps you should plan your list out, otherwise if you are more of a shooter list; it is ok to neglect the Champions in favor of focusing on other important aspects in your list. My only complaint about this is rolling on the “favors” or as I call them “party favors” chart if you kill something in close combat, so in theory it should be rare but still to me could drag the game slightly in a tournament setting rolling and bookkeeping constant changes. I am sure Army Builder will have the option to add the roll list to each champion and if you do, stock up on paper as your list will grow about x3 the current normal printed list. I am not sure how I feel about handing a codex to my opponent printed from Army Builder.

Veterans of the Long War: +1 Leadership and Hatred? Usually just for a point more on a standard CSM and a few more points for an Independent Character you can have this great perk. While the leadership is not needed for an IC the average Joe benefits from that with their lower leadership now of 8 on average. You could always take the banner to make your unit Fearless but that gets rather pricey (and works best for larger, more expensive units) and should only go to key units in the game where the benefit gets the best impact. Play Marines often? Shop Smart, Shop Chaos Mart.

Demon Weapons: Wow, they are more powerful than ever and yes, you will pay for them in huge point costs. Still, it is nice to at least roll a 1 and still swing (at penalty) instead of being screwed over. Roll a 2+ and it is happy days! Demon Weapons are squad killers as well as deadly weapons in a challenge against a character. The only downside is that you have to protect the model with it until he can get close enough to get into close combat. Second you have to wipe out all characters first in a challenge before you can wipe the squad. So, if they have a character to challenge you could get bogged down fighting some units. Think IG blobs for example as they have the ability to throw multiple sergeants at you keeping you busy the rest of the game. Your only hope then is to cause enough wounds to break, unless they are fearless or something else making them hard to break (stubborn for example).

Warlord Traits: This is the first book to assign Warlord Traits to specific characters instead of rolling for them. To me this fits but also limits options taking them, if you take a character with a specific Trait, you are more than likely taking them for that benefit among other thins.  Here are the traits and my thoughts:

Black Crusader: Warlord and all friendly units within 12” of the Warlord have Preferred Enemy. For now this is nice for allies “note the word friendly”. Yes, this will be FAQ’ed later. Until then take Abbadon and park him near a majority of your army and enjoy the rerolls of 1 to hit and wound.

Flames of Spite: All melee weapons in the unit have Soul Blaze. Crap here really.

Master of Deception: Infiltrate d3 infantry units. Note the key word there, infantry. So, no first turn charges but you could very easy put an army in someone’s face quickly or flank.

Hatred Incarnate: Warlord and unit have Hatred. So, saves you points on Veteran’s of the Long War. Otherwise useless also.

Lord of Terror: Fear, another yawn unless you have something that can modify leadership.

Exalted Champion: Reroll on the Boon Table, limited prospects here unless you plan to engage in challenges.

Marks of Chaos

Mark of Khorne: Rage (extra attack) and Counter-attack special rules. This is a great mark to give to general CSM units that are not Bezerkers, they are a slightly cheaper option with ranged ability unlike Khorne Bezerkers.

Mark of Nurgle: +1 Toughness (no longer unmodified!) a great choice for a Biker Unit, Obliterators or Characters, makes them tough as hell to instant kill now. Even the basic CSM benefits well if you are cost cutting and don’t care about the other perks that a Plague Marine gets. Havoks are another that would allow you to take some punishment and still stay in the fight no matter what.

Mark of Tzeentch: +1 to invulnerable save or 6+ if none. Obliterators and Characters stand the most to benefit from here. A simple 6+ to a standard CSM is just a waste when there are better marks to pick (unless you can roll 6’s like crazy).

Mark of Slaanesh: +1 Initiative. What? Wake me up here! This goes best on a few select items, one thing I can say NOT to waste points on is giving them to a Chaos Space Marine. Why? 13 points base and 2 for the mark, 2 more points and you get Fearless instead of spending 1 more point for Veterans of the Long War for that +1 Leadership. 

What do you think?

Chaos Codex Review and Thoughts Series

Later today (just rolled past midnight a moment ago) I will post my first part of a series of posts reviewing the Codex and imparting my own personal thoughts and insights into the codex as well. I am a long time Chaos player and I am just elated beyond words about this book and looking forward to some great games!

So, I will open with the question: Will you be playing Chaos and why? Are you an old school loyalist like me? Are you just jumping on the bandwagon of the latest codex? Or do you have other darker secrets to reveal? Let us know!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chaos Deploys!

I got my order of Chaos goodies today and looking forward to the interesting mix of lists and perhaps the most refreshing codex to arrive in some time. Chaos was my first army and will always be a mainstay army for me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Need Help Picking a Blood Bowl Team!

I am hard pressed for what to pick for my next Blood Bowl team. I figure I should order one soon and start painting to be ready for the Rocket City Rumble next year at the Kalm.

Vote away!

Dwarfs of course!

Use as an Ork Team?

Human Team

I have no clue but a cool team also! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chaos Codex Rumors: First Impressions

 Overall, it appears that Phil Kelly is trying to make the Chaos Codex a bit more flexible and allow for a very customizable army in several formats. Without seeing all the rules, the following is just impressions from what I am reading.

The Boon Table: Cleary GW wants Chaos to be a possible Character Hunting army and they are pushing the challenge rules now trying to make more of a splash in the game with them.

Warlord Traits: Other than the infiltrate options the others is rather limited and taking a chance to roll on Personal or Strategic would be more ideal.

Mechadrites: two bonus attacks? No power fist, ok….not bad. A meltagun and flamer? Yea! Beats the crap out of a plasma pistol!

Seal of Corruption: An obvious thing for the Dark Apostle!

Gift of Mutation: This could get ugly if you had multiple ways to cast this power to buff up characters. I hope this is limited to one Gift roll per turn.

Wizard’s Familiar: Personally I would have called it Sorcerer’s instead, sounds like Fantasy too much. Still, reroll psychic powers tests. Hrm…not bad.

Bloodcrusher: Calvary? GAH!

Steed of Slaanesh: Outflank and Acute Senses, wow there is a character hunter. Add to a unit to give Outflank and enjoy!

Icon of Revenge: Fearless, now that is better that rerolls!

Icon of Flames: Heavy bolters can get soul blaze? Wonder if they can get AP3 ammo like bolters and pistols? *drool*

Icon of Rage: Nice but not as good as the others. The loss of +1 INT sucks.

Icon of Despair: Fear, meh…

Icon of Excess: Feel not Pain, if it does not cost too much, this is a nasty upgrade.

Demon of Nurgle: Getting Shrouded? Wow, cover save city if he is in the right spot. Feel No pain would just make this guy sick.

Demon Engine: Ok, amusing eats your own men on a 1, heals one Hull Point.

Maulerfiend with Magma Cutters: Sounds like this guy is designed to crack open armor, monstrous creatures and fortifications.

Obliterator/Mauler Weapon Morphing: Can only use one type, and then change to another on the next turn. They got Assault Cannons but no Missile Launchers or Autocannons? WHAT?

Master of Machines: Heal vehicles or Curse giving Gets Hot to a vehicle. Wow, that could be nasty. Oh Flyer…here has this…..yes, go on and shoot all those weapons.

Psychic powers: Most are either high AP or AP 4 or less….some buff, mostly curse with a sprinkle of other powers.

Chaos Codex Leaking Out of the Warp

Saw this posted online...compiled everything so far...there is typos (not my fault)...

Codex Basics
- Written by Phil Kelly
- 104 pages
- Fantasy format, hardback, full colour
- Cover is the artwork for Blood Gorgons by Henry Zou  (see above)
- All for the lump sum of - £30
- You can buy Psychic Cards, there are twelve in the set - £4.50

CSM Rules
Chaos Boon table (D66 pick 2d6, one is your tens and the other is your ones)
These all have names but I will leave you to find them out yourselves
You have to win a challenge to roll on this table
11-16 - Nothing
21-22 - Replace model with Chaos Spawn
23 - +1 Attack
24 - Eternal Warrior
25 - +1 Strength
26 - +1 BS
31 - +1 Initiative
32 - Return to full wounds, if unwounded gain +1 Wound
33 - +1 Toughness
34 - Shrouded
35 - Armour Save improves by 1
36 - Melee weapon has Fleshbane
41 - Passing a Deny the Witch roll makes enemy Psyker take a Str 6 AP 2 hit
42 - Re-roll failed armour saves
43 - Melee attacks are Poisoned
44 - Crusader
45 - Hammer of Wrath
46 - Icy Aura (enemy models in base contact take a Str 4 AP 5 hit at Initiative Step 1)
51 - Adamantium Will
52 - A ranged weapon has +1 Strength
53 - Hatred (Everything!)
54 - Shred
55 - Melee attacks have instant death
56 - +1 WS
61 - Stubborn
62 - Fleet
63 - Feel No Pain
64 - Roll another d3+1 on this table (re-rolling Spawnhood and Apotheosis)
65-66 - Replace model with Daemon Prince

Warlord Traits
1 - Friendly units within 12" of Warlord have Preferred Enemy (Space Marines)
2 - Melee weapons belonging to the Warlord and his unit have Soulblaze
3 - D3 infantry units may infiltrate (could this be new Creed???)
4 - Warlord and unit have hatred (everything!)
5 - Warlord causes Fear
6 - Warlord may re-roll Chaos Boons 


Improvised Armor: 6+ Save 
Powerarmor: 3+ Save 
Terminator Armor: Same as loyalist 
Fleshmetal: 2+ Armor 


Chaos Bike: SM Bike 
Infernal Ammunition: AP3 
Mechadrites: +2 A, includes 1 Meltagun and 1 Flamer 
Plague Grenades: Mark of Nurgle only - Model carries Offensive and Defensive grenades 
Seal of Corruption: 4+ Invulnerable Save 

Gifts of Chaos 

Aura of Dark Glory: 5+ Invulnerable Save 
Gift of Mutation: Ahead of Deployment, roll once on the "Rewards of Chaos" table 
Battle-familiar: Model gains 2 additional S4 AP- attacks 
Wizard's familiar: Model may reroll failed Psychic tests 
Warpblood: Everyime a model with Warpblood suffers an unsaved wound, the unit that caused this wound suffers 1 S3 AP4 hit. (it appears this is not limited to close combat) 

Palanquin of Nurgle: Model gains +2 Wounds and +1 Attack and gets the Very bulky special rule 

Bloodcrusher of Khorne: Model gains +1 Toughness, +1 Attack and +1 Wound and changes it's unit type to cavallery 
Steed of Slaanesh: Model changes it's unit type to cavallery. It runs +3 inces. Gains accurate senses and Outflank special rule and is granted +1 attack 
Disk of Tzeentch: Model changes it's unit type to Jetbike and gains +1 Attack 

Icons of Chaos 

All Icons grant +1 on Combat Resolution 
Icon of Revenge: Unit is Fearless 
Icon of Flames: Mark of Tzeentch Only: Boltguns, Heavy Boltguns and Bolt Pistols have the Soul Blaze Special Rule 
Icon of Rage: Furious Charge, Unit may reroll Charge Distance 
Icon of Despair: Mark of Nurgle only: Unit causes Fear 
Icon of Ecess: Mark of Slaanesh Only: Unit gains Feel no Pain 

Marks of Chaos 

Mark of Khorne: Berserker, Counter-attack 
Mark of Nurgle: +1 Toughness 
Mark of Tzeentch: Invulnerable Saves improved by 1 
Mark of Slaanesh: +1 Initiative. 

Mark of Nurgle, Mark of Tzeentch, Mark of Slaanesh: If they are given to a psyker, he must chose at least 1 psychic power of the appendant dicipline. 

Demonprince Upgrades 

Demon of Khorne: Hatred (Demons of Slaanesh), Furious Charge 
Demon of Slaanesh: Hatred (Demons of Khorne), Rending, Fleet of Foot, runs +3 inches 
Demon of Nurgle: Hatred (Demons of Tzeentch), Slow and Purposefull, Shrouded 
Demon of Tzeentch: Hatred (Demons of Nurgle), May Reroll all saves of 1 

Psyker: May chose psyonic powers from pyromancy, biomancy or telepathy. If he's a demon of Nurgle, Slaanesh or Tzeentch he must chose at least 1 psycic power from the appendant dicipline. 

Vehicle Upgrades: 

Destroyer-Blades: Causes D6 S5 AP - hits while performing a Tank shock. If a Unit choses Death or Glory it suffers 2D6 hits instead 
Warpflames: All ranged weapons have the Soul Blaze special rule 
Whipping Tentacles: Every model suffers -1 attack for each whipping tentacle it has base contact to. (very strange wording here...) 
Twin linked Boltgun: Duh. 
Siege shield: Vehicle automatically passes dangerous terrain tests 
Demon Engine: BS 3. Ignores Crew stunned and Crew shaken on rolls of 2+. When a unit embarks, roll a D6. On a roll of 1 you remove 1 random model as a casulty, and the vehicle regains 1 Hullpoint. 
Magma-cutters. If a Maulerfiend with Magmacutters hits with at least one of it's attacks, it generates 1 extra attack. If it hits with all of it's attacks, it generates 2 additional attacks. These attacks have Initiative 1, S8, AP1 and armorbane. 
Sonic Blaster: Enemy units within 6" may not perform defensive fire. 

Special Rules 

Obliterator Weapons: Kyborgs may chose one of the following weapons: Assault Canon, Heavy Flamer, 
lasCannon, Multimelta, Twinlinked Flamer, TL Plasmagun or TL meltagun. All obliterators must chose the same weapon. They may not chose the same weapon twice in a row. 
Mutilator Weapons: Pick one of the following at the start of any combat phase the mutilator is in close combat: Pair of: Lightning Claws, Chain Fists, Power Swords, Power Mauls. All Mutilators must pick the same weapon, and may not chose the same weapon two combat steps in a row. 

Might of the Soulforge: Once per game, at the beginning of a shooting or close combat phase, a model may unleash the might of the Soulforge to reroll all failed to wound/armor penetration rolls. It suffers a glancing hit at a roll of 1 at the end of the phase. 

Master of Machines: A Warpsmith may try to repair a friendly vehicle or curse an enemy vehicle. 

repair: Needs to be in b2b or within the vehicle. On a roll of 5+ (4+ with mechadrites) he restores a hullpoint or removes one weapon destroyed/immobilized result. 
Curse: Shooting attack: 18" range. If it hits, the enemy vehicles weapons have the 'gets hot' special rule. 

Psychic powers 

Discipline of Tzeentch 
Primary Power: Flames of Tzeentch Witchfire, Focus 1 
24", S5, AP-, Blast, Inferno (Inferno: Each unsaved wound causes an aditional D3 S3 AP - Hits) 

1-2: Gift of Mutation: Blessing: Focus 1: 

Friendly Character within 2" suffers a S4 AP-hit and ma roll on the "Rewards of Chaos" table 

3-4: Bolt of Corruption: Beam, Focus1 

18", S8, AP1, Detonation (If the target is an enemy vehicle and suffers a "Vehicle explodes" result the radius of the blast is 2d6 inches instead of D6 inches) 

5-6: Odem of Chaos Witchfire, Focus 2 

Template, S1, AP2, Poison (4+), corrosive. (corrosive: Vehicles hit suffer a glancing hit on a roll of 4+) 

Discipline of Nurgle 

Primary Power: Rot of Nurgle Witchfire, Focus 1 
6", Assault D6+1, Poison (4+), S2 AP 5. No effect on models of Nurgle (yes, model of Nurgle is the actual wording.) 

1-2: Weapon Virus: Curse, Fokus 1 

Range 24". All ranged weapons in the enemy unit have the "gets hot" special rule 

3-4: Plagued Present Curse, Fokus 1 

Range 48". Enemy unit rolls a D3: 
1: Corpsefliesinfestation: -1 attack, shrouded 
2: muscular atrophy: -1 Strength, may not run 
3: Liquifying Fever: -1 Strength and -1 toughness 

5-6: Plagued Wind Fokus 2, Witchfier 

12", S1, AP2, Assault 1, Blast (5"), Poison (4+) 

Discipline of Slaanesh 

Primary Power: Overload Witchfire, warp charge 1 
24" S4 AP4 Assault 4, concussive, Blind, Pinning 

1-2: hysterical frenzy Blessing, Warp Charge 1 

Pick non-vehicle unit within 12" and roll a D3 
1: +1 Initiative 
2: +1 Strength 
3: +1 Attack 

3-4: Symphony of Pain Curse, Warp Charge 1 

1 Enemy unit within 24 inches gets -1 BS and -1 WS. All ranged weapons directed at this unit get +1 Strength. 

5-6: extatic wince Witchfire, warp charge 2 

24": S: special, AP - Assault 1. 
Every nonvehicle model in the enemy unit suffers 1 hit with its own strength.