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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chaos Codex Review Part 4: Elites!

On with Elites!
Chosen: This unit can make a nice specialist unit for the typical multiple small units (MSU). If you have Abbadon you can use them as a troop choice again allowing the MSU unit option for troop choices. This is a specialist unit so build it wisely and don’t forget the rhino.
Possessed: Well, they no longer suck. They do have a high price tag, but they are a specialist close combat unit. Again, build this unit wisely and always take a rhino to ensure they can get somewhere to do something.
Chaos Terminators: Not a bad choice, but slightly more expensive than other choices and while the 2+/5+ (or even 2+/4+ with a Mark of Tzeench) seems appealing using deep striking to get weapons like combi-meltas near a target, again a small unit may be worthwhile but a larger one would be a huge point sink.
Hellbrute: Also known as a Dreadnought, again they no longer suck (no shooting and destroying your own army instead) the Crazed Rule makes them very viable as a unit choice. What makes a nice crown to this unit is seeing the Thunder hammer and Power Scourge return to the Dreadnought.
Mutilators: Well, this may be the only item of crap to me in the codex. Expensive, small unit size and limited options unless you can get them into close combat unless you are willing to front for a Land Raider to drive them down the field to get them close enough to be worth a crap. Still, it costs 25% of a 2k list.
Khorne Berserkers: This here is a specialist close combat unit that is very effective; you have to compare them (if you want a reference) to a Wolf Guard unit.   This unit is best as a large unit or at least with a rhino to ensure they get close enough to be useful. A unit with Rage, Counter Attack, Furious Charge and Fearless (and for 2 more points each you can get Hatred) makes this a very impressive unit.
Thousand Sons: Still, a decent unit and a specialist AP 3 killer that if built correctly you can take advantage of the bonus sorcerer and firepower. Be careful to avoid getting tangled in close combat as it will be a slow and painful death.
Plague Marines: Perhaps one of the best choices in the army as they are tough and able to hold up against things with a T5, Fearless and Feel No Pain. What else is just an added bonus that offsets the I3 is the return of the Plague Knife and Blight Grenades making their high cost still a decent value.
Noise Marines: Another decent unit at shooting ignores cover is a great option with the massed firepower they could put out at a low price. Plus they are able to handle getting into close combat taking advantage of the higher I stat they have. Plus throw in the icon of Excess they become another great unit with feel no pain if you are willing to eat the high point cost.


  1. Hello how are you. Very good job in your Review. Thank you very much for the info. Could you recommend a list at 1500 pts versatile. CSM for a tournament including a Heldrake? , Thanks.

    1. I would be happy to drop some ideas out on the table for you to look at after I finish up the reviews. One thing with me with list building is I never try to tell someone to build a list, but rather I like giving a guideline instead and letting the player find what they like. I often see people that "conform" or jump on the bandwagon of specific lists (or as I call them Netlists) instead of developing their own gaming style.


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