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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chaos Codex Review Part 7: Heavy Support!

On to the last section! Heavy support, one of my favorites!

Havoks: Compare these to Space Marines and you have a very versatile unit here with options out the wazoo! The popular heavy weapon choices is of course the favorite Autocannon and missile Launchers, that makes the missile launchers even more popular more than ever is this codex is the first to take flakk missiles to the mix. Sure adding them on makes them cost more than a lascannon but now you have THREE options when it comes to shooting. The Autocannon is a strong mainstay at STR 7 with good range making it a reasonable choice for it’s price and performance. Also the ability to take up to 4 assault weapons like flamers, meltas and plasma makes this unit form a different use depending on your needs of your army list. Pepper in a Mark of Nurgle and a possible transport (if needed) and this becomes a very strong unit option (perhaps one of the best!) Don’t forget to take Veteran’s of the Long War to get that bonus LDR!

Obliterators: Still good for what you get in the package, the marks now add some value (namely Tzeench and Nurgle) plus the extra weapon additions adds nicely with the assault cannon and heavy flamer. The only real downside is not being able to fire the same weapon you fired in the prior turn. Just be clever with your shooting and use the Obliterators to fill in the gaps to match your opponents and you will find this to be a very useful unit.

Defiler: This was once a great unit, and then went a bit meh when 5th encouraged people to use them less. Now they have Daemonic Possession, Daemon (Fear and 5+ Inv save), Fleet, Daemonforge (reroll wounds) and It will not Die (let me catch my breath!) making the price upgrade to 195 still very reasonable. I personally am looking forward to trying these guys out as universal filler to my army.

Forgefiend: Again another demon engine that is ok, the Mauler and Defiler weigh in better and the Exctoplasma cannons are nice and helps make the BS 3 easier to swallow as you can adjust at least your template by 3”.

Maulerfiend: I am holding my opinion on this until I see them in action. To me these guys in a pair could be a real threat and could support a close combat based army better than most other unit options.

Chaos Land Raider: Very disappointing to be honest on this one. Price dropped in point value but you get a Marine Version, no variant, no special rules….after all this time in the warp. Take it if you need it, but IMO there is better.

Chaos Vindicator: Another mainstay tank, while the same price the upgrades can make it a bit more worthwhile of an option and 2-3 of these can scare the hell out of many armies.

Chaos Predator: Another mainstay tank, works well in the cheap and simple format of a TL lascannon or simple Autocannon with perhaps heavy bolters. Again the upgrades are what make this guy a gem with adding a Havok launcher to the mix.


  1. The 2x hades autocannon option on the forgefiend is all kinds of fun too. 8 shots helps make up for that BS3. My Defilers have held up better with allthe new bells and whistles.... the powerscourge is your friend.

    1. I agree the Defiler seems to be better off and more viable than ever. I have to admit the power scourge is an interesting toy. The 2 Hades ACs I can only see with the BS 3 is when you have the Precognition psychic power to give it rerolls making it a little more effective in the long run.


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