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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chaos Codex Review and Thoughts Series

Later today (just rolled past midnight a moment ago) I will post my first part of a series of posts reviewing the Codex and imparting my own personal thoughts and insights into the codex as well. I am a long time Chaos player and I am just elated beyond words about this book and looking forward to some great games!

So, I will open with the question: Will you be playing Chaos and why? Are you an old school loyalist like me? Are you just jumping on the bandwagon of the latest codex? Or do you have other darker secrets to reveal? Let us know!


  1. I can actually say Chaos is one of the few Armies that I have never played. I am not sure why, most likely because I played with a long time Chaos loyalist for the longest time. It was basically his sphere, he was with Chaos in the bad times, so I figure I wouldn't jump in during the good times! Then again, I played guard and in many editions, say 1st -4th, they really sucked. Nowadays, I hear that they are good.

    1. IG has had their ups and downs in the past few editions. I can understand avoiding something because someone else already has it. That is how I got into Chaos really, the store was gearing up to play and start a campaign, nobody was playing Chaos, everyone wanted to be Eldar, IG, Space Wolves and Tyranids back I said, what the hell! I'll be the bad guys! I usually rooted for the Klingons anyway in Star Trek...

  2. Great Writeup. Keep em' coming.


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