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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chaos Codex Review Part 2: HQ Choices

HQ Choices:
Abbadon: He weighs in slightly less than Logan and packs a heavy punch and stat package that is impressive. Drach’nyen now still gives the Demon weapon rule plus a bonus to STR and AP making it a nasty Terminator Killer, the Talon of Horus drops in AP to 3 but allows him to hit like he has a power fist (but not striking last!) and grants Preferred Enemy to all units within range. If you have the points to spare he could be fun but there is more ideal choices. Still, it could be nice to have an HQ sit near all your Chaos units to allow them a reroll to hit in both shooting and close combat as well as to wound.
Kharn: Nothing to sneeze at here with up to 6 attacks with Gorechild at STR 6 and AP 2 and throw in Armorbane for giggles. He also has the ability to piss off psykers with his 2+ Deny the Witch. Yea, he still has the Betrayer special rule if you roll a 1 but who cares? Break him off from the unit and send him to town ripping apart units. Challenge? Oh yea, go ahead!
Huron Blackheart: This is another figure that may see more table time due to the simple price balance of his cost to his abilities. Having Master of Deception allowed him to deploy d3 units using Infiltrate. If you build a list around this concept he is a very strong option to consider for investment. Add in the fact he rolls a random psychic power every Chaos turn and has a power axe (for dealing with AP 2 targets in close combat) and the Tyrants claw (still a heavy flamer with +2 STR and AP 3, with Shred and Armorbane). This allows him to be a unit killer again on his own.

Ahriman: Perhaps the most powerful psyker in the game and cheaper than Najal of the Space Wolves! Able to toss out 4 psyker powers (if all level 1), able to shoot multiple witchfire powers and decent access to 4 psychic power groups. Plus to make him a fan favorite add the Warlord Trait Master of Deception to allow you to infiltrate d3 units again.

Typhus: Another quiet bad ass in the codex, lots of wounds, high Toughness, feel no pain and with the bumps to the Destroyer Hive to AP2, STR 4. OUCH! Plus he can convert cultists to plague zombies thus once again bringing back old school fearless, feel no pain and SAP undead to 40k!

Lucius: Well, if you want someone to be your man for clos ecombat, this is a fairly good pick for the points. He is able to wipe out a squad or handle a challenge on equel level but otherwise not all that impressive.

Fabius Bile: Hey, he no longer sucks! His Rod causes instant death, a character with Feel No Pain and can upgrade one squad to be Enhanced Warriors for no extra point cost. I can give +1 STR and Fearless to one Troop CSM unit? Bile may find his way into a few lists.

Chaos Lord: CHEAP! Need I say more? Well, once you load him up with some cool goodies he can become a huge point sponge. Build these guys wisely and they will treat you right!

Sorcerer: CHEAP! I can have up to a level 3 sorcerer for just 5 points higher than a Rune Priest with two powers (and able to use one!) throw in a 15 point spell familiar to reroll failed psychic tests and blam! Add a Mark of Tzeench and use him as your commander and you get Rubics as core troops!

Demon Prince: People bitched when they saw the point leap, sure you have to pay 205 now to get a base 3+ save, 5+ inv with wings.....I doubt people have REALLY looked at the WS and I now? Yea, look again and tell me they suck now sure they can be gunned down, Mark of Nurgle and Tzeench are a Daemon Prince's best friend. Swoop around and chew up units....

Warpsmith: To me this guy is a sleeper, play against an army that loves cover. Tear it down! need to fix something now? Yes you can! You get a nice package of weapons  with some great perks...enjoy with a twist of lime.

Dark Apostle: I missed this unit option for my Word Bearers, I love it, a radius Fearless character, nice! Plus he grants hate to the unit he joins...fair cheap for what you get, IMO a great buy! Plus if you plan to use the gift of mutation, keep everyone near the Dark Apostle, rerolls anyone?

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