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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bonus Review: Rhino Transports!

I could add this at some other point but I figure that it would be better to address it here.

It is the typical 35 points that is common among Marines what is interesting is how you can modify this transport into some unique concepts.

First it is interesting in the Chaos Wargear list for Vehicle Equipment states a model may can take up to one of each of the following. So this means that with the base combi-bolter, you can add anotehr combi-bolter, a combi-flamer/melta/plasma AND a Havok in theory. Granted where the hell you would stick all these weapons would be a good question. Granted this is going to cost almost the price of two Chaos Marines and with the ability to kill a vehicle is much easier saves you much pain from considering this.

What is one of the best choices is the Havok Launcher and makes the Rhino into what I call a Havokback, something similar to a heavy bolter razorback in theory. Still, what is odd is that you cannot just upgrade the combi-bolter instead of adding another one which is perhaps a weird option.

Daemonic Possession is perhaps the most interesting, being able to ignore shaken and stunned on a 2+ and if a unit embarks it could eat one member of the unit to regenerate a hull point.

To me the best options to keep a Rhino reasonable in price is a Havok+Daemonic Possession at most. Dozer blade is a good runner up option.

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