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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chaos Deploys!

I got my order of Chaos goodies today and looking forward to the interesting mix of lists and perhaps the most refreshing codex to arrive in some time. Chaos was my first army and will always be a mainstay army for me.


  1. Awesome! You still go to Anthem and play? My gaming group hasn't played in a long time. I still haven't played a 6ed game.

    1. Yes, I usually arrange games to ensure I have someone to play as I have to drive a seperate car (as my wife and I work together) to go over straight from work.

      This Thursday we are playing strange Aeons since it is October and we are doing a Halloween theme. Skirmish style HP Lovecraft game.

      I will be looking to try out the new codex very soon. So, if you want to arrange a game on Thursday or any other day if I have enough notice I can usually work something out. I am also trying to find an empty weekend for Cabanahammer, right now it may be November, otherwise it may have to wait until the first of the year.


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