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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chaos Codex Review #3: Troops

This should be quick as there is just two options!

Chaos Space Marines: Try no to compare them to a Grey Hunter, they won't match up once you pay the 2 points for the extra close combat weapon, still another point and you can take +1 leaderhip and hatred. Then add a mark and some weapon options to me becomes stronger and more flexabile unit for the game. Oddly GW seems to discourage MSU with this unit build making it more worthwhile to invest in larger squads.

Chaos Cultists: Got Cultists? Take them! for 135 points I can pack in 35 cultists, take a character and they are fearless. Not as great as they used to be but oh what the hell! Cheap squads now for Chaos!


  1. Do you have an opinion on the interwebs 'contoversy" over whether plague zombies are limited to 10 models because they "can not have options" OR can they have the full 35, but with no guns (like the next sentence says)? I'm guessing there will be an FAQ, but 10 zombies don't make a hoard. Not that I play tournaments, but do you think the nit pickyness will win out or will common sense prevail.

    1. Well, I think they are asshats for trying to split hairs like that. Yes, it says no other options, but it also does not say WHEN I have to declare them Plague Zombies. So, I upgrade the unit size, then declare. I can't take any options then, well my unit size is already set.

      Personally, just check with the TO to ensure you can do this.


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