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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time to pick a team!

Well it is time to get serious,  I have to pick and purchase my team by next month (Feb) to allow myself about a month and half (allowing 2 weeks for shipping) to paint up and ready by May for a tournament. I want both a team this time with character and fun to paint, winning would be a bonus! So drop me your are mine...

Human, Ork, Norse or Slann Perhaps?
Who does not like Monkeys?

From the Land of the Rising Sun!

Human or Amazon
If Hue Heff had a team....

Human or Amazons
Guess I am making a habbit out of this game?
Chaos Dwarf
Wow, someone did a better job than GW!
A Norse is a Norse of cource, unless it is a talking Norse by the name of Mr ED!
Wood Elf
Eye Candy, but I have to say I like them!

Buffalo Bob, Ras Djaa'Fari
Rasta Human Team
Team Bob Marley!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Dark Angels Book At A Glance

Well, I have had some time to start reading and reviewing the Dark Angels book and figure now is a good time to start with early impressions.

Here is what Dark Angel players can expect:

  • Eight new units.
  • Updated fluff and lots of eye candy artwork
  • Scouts in Troops Slots again
  • Heavy Weapon or Special Weapon for every 5 Tactical Marines
  • Flak missiles in all units with Missile Launcher options.
  • Several Character buffs (slightly cheaper also)
  • Lots of defensive wargear for characters and units.
  • Banners are like Icons in the Chaos Codex.
  • Chapter Relics (nothing very impressive, most stuff is just ok)
  • No special vehicle equipment.
  • Terminator Squads can be 5-10 in unit size.
  • Ravenwing no longer Fearless (replaced by Grim Resolve)
  • No unique psychic powers (except for Ezekiel)

Compared to the Chaos Codex is clearly the anti-Chaos Codex the way hot it was written but lacks some of the special flair that the Chaos Codex got. Sure, there are several amazing looking models but nothing special rules wise that is amazing. I have mixed feelings about the book, not as happy as I am with how they treated the Chaos Codex but overall it is a well done book. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A strange gaming weekend!

Well, Chris and I went to Darkside for a 2k tournament this weekend but met with both disappointment and a good time out gaming still. When we got there there was only a total of 3 players in attendance. Several others said they would be there but ended up being no shows. One guy stopped by the shop that played and went back home to get his very cool and nicely converted Nurgle themed IG.

I managed to get in two regular games and Chris had one before we thought it would be a blast to do a 2 on 2. We diced for random pairings and had a blast.

The first game against IG was a rough one that I managed to win simply by surviving shooting and getting the luck of the dice of having the objectives near me to grab at the end of the game.

The second game against the breath taking IG was a kick in the pants for me as my dice was hot and cold (more cold than anything) that just determined the tone of the game. I was plowed under by the volume of firepower this IG list had. Still, it was a good game and a great guy to play against.

The last 2 vs 2 was Chris with his Blood Angels and Space Wolves allies with the Nurgle IG vs IG with my Chaos. The game ended up a loss for us as the pods enveloped one side and took one objective the center was up for grabs but they managed to snare it at the end and I was shot enough that my cultists failed their LD test and ran like children from the field. I think we had about 4 solid turns before I noticed it was getting late and we had a long ride back.

Brain (the owner) bought pizza for everyone and the fee paid was returned due to the bust in attendance. Chris and I was able to take to Mike about Bolt Action some and I think we have a plan to get a regular once a month group together in the future. I did purchase the  Dark Angels Codex with the remainder of my store credit with a bit of cash and picked up some Army Painter Angel Green to primer my Dark Angels green to get them painted quicker. Now that I have a nice new codex there is no longer an excuse to not paint them! Chris nabbed up a Manticore as he has been getting the bug to upgrade his IG that I have been using in the past as new allies. I suggested he should blow off the dust from  his Tau as they get a new book so and the Eldar is just over the rise and he should start painting up what he has to be ready!

All in all, it was a good day of gaming and hanging out. Sucks about the tournament, but prizes are not everything when you have a good time in any case. Still, it would have been fun to bring him some more Dark Angels goodies like the new fighter, Terminator and Bike command boxed sets! Oh well!

Friday, January 4, 2013

A few new Objective Markers

Well, I borrowed my wife's IPad until I can get a new camera. Here are a few shots of some stuff I finished up. Just a few new Objective markers here, but the goal of this year is to have a set for each army so when I go somewhere to play both armies can have access to cool objectives to use in the game. I have found it rare that someone else has had a nice custom objective marker to use in a game. To me they add to the flavor of the game.

Thunder Wolf Pups (Left) and Ork Loot/Junk (Right)

Necron Objectives

Tyranid Objectives

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Slaanesh is on the rise!

Just primered six Noise Marines and just found the Emperor's Children Dreadnought as well to get ready to crank out some new figs for the Chaos army. I don't think they will be done by this next tournaent but perhaps the one after. I am trying to get my flyer done to get a chance to test it out.