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Friday, January 4, 2013

A few new Objective Markers

Well, I borrowed my wife's IPad until I can get a new camera. Here are a few shots of some stuff I finished up. Just a few new Objective markers here, but the goal of this year is to have a set for each army so when I go somewhere to play both armies can have access to cool objectives to use in the game. I have found it rare that someone else has had a nice custom objective marker to use in a game. To me they add to the flavor of the game.

Thunder Wolf Pups (Left) and Ork Loot/Junk (Right)

Necron Objectives

Tyranid Objectives


  1. I like those Nid objectives in particular mate - nice!

    1. Thanks! The Nid one did turn out well and I think is one of the better ones. The pups I like also due to theme.


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