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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time to pick a team!

Well it is time to get serious,  I have to pick and purchase my team by next month (Feb) to allow myself about a month and half (allowing 2 weeks for shipping) to paint up and ready by May for a tournament. I want both a team this time with character and fun to paint, winning would be a bonus! So drop me your are mine...

Human, Ork, Norse or Slann Perhaps?
Who does not like Monkeys?

From the Land of the Rising Sun!

Human or Amazon
If Hue Heff had a team....

Human or Amazons
Guess I am making a habbit out of this game?
Chaos Dwarf
Wow, someone did a better job than GW!
A Norse is a Norse of cource, unless it is a talking Norse by the name of Mr ED!
Wood Elf
Eye Candy, but I have to say I like them!

Buffalo Bob, Ras Djaa'Fari
Rasta Human Team
Team Bob Marley!


  1. I was going to say Nuns.... then I saw the wood elves. Now, I need a cold shower.

    1. An eye catching team which is why it was appealing...never done figs with a great deal of flesh showing so this could be a new painting challenge for me if I go this route. The sculptor(s) did a smashing job, gave the figures character and tasteful nudity elements.

  2. Where can you get those Norse models?


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