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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chaos Codex Rumors: First Impressions

 Overall, it appears that Phil Kelly is trying to make the Chaos Codex a bit more flexible and allow for a very customizable army in several formats. Without seeing all the rules, the following is just impressions from what I am reading.

The Boon Table: Cleary GW wants Chaos to be a possible Character Hunting army and they are pushing the challenge rules now trying to make more of a splash in the game with them.

Warlord Traits: Other than the infiltrate options the others is rather limited and taking a chance to roll on Personal or Strategic would be more ideal.

Mechadrites: two bonus attacks? No power fist, ok….not bad. A meltagun and flamer? Yea! Beats the crap out of a plasma pistol!

Seal of Corruption: An obvious thing for the Dark Apostle!

Gift of Mutation: This could get ugly if you had multiple ways to cast this power to buff up characters. I hope this is limited to one Gift roll per turn.

Wizard’s Familiar: Personally I would have called it Sorcerer’s instead, sounds like Fantasy too much. Still, reroll psychic powers tests. Hrm…not bad.

Bloodcrusher: Calvary? GAH!

Steed of Slaanesh: Outflank and Acute Senses, wow there is a character hunter. Add to a unit to give Outflank and enjoy!

Icon of Revenge: Fearless, now that is better that rerolls!

Icon of Flames: Heavy bolters can get soul blaze? Wonder if they can get AP3 ammo like bolters and pistols? *drool*

Icon of Rage: Nice but not as good as the others. The loss of +1 INT sucks.

Icon of Despair: Fear, meh…

Icon of Excess: Feel not Pain, if it does not cost too much, this is a nasty upgrade.

Demon of Nurgle: Getting Shrouded? Wow, cover save city if he is in the right spot. Feel No pain would just make this guy sick.

Demon Engine: Ok, amusing eats your own men on a 1, heals one Hull Point.

Maulerfiend with Magma Cutters: Sounds like this guy is designed to crack open armor, monstrous creatures and fortifications.

Obliterator/Mauler Weapon Morphing: Can only use one type, and then change to another on the next turn. They got Assault Cannons but no Missile Launchers or Autocannons? WHAT?

Master of Machines: Heal vehicles or Curse giving Gets Hot to a vehicle. Wow, that could be nasty. Oh Flyer…here has this…..yes, go on and shoot all those weapons.

Psychic powers: Most are either high AP or AP 4 or less….some buff, mostly curse with a sprinkle of other powers.


  1. First "Armies" I played (or tried to) was Chaos and Orks. Looooved Chaos. I've since given those guys away in March to a buddy of mine for his birthday (figs painted for 1G on my website)

    Can't wait to see the new rules!

    1. Chaos was my first 40k army back in 2nd Edition, started with Iron Warriors and it has grown to Word Bearers, Death Guard, 1000 Sons and World Eaters...soon I will be adding some Slaanesh marked units.

      Already making my shopping list of new models and watching the rumors like a hawk. So far I have Codex, Psychic Cards, Dark Appostale (Word Bearers), WarpSmith (Iron Warriors), HellDrake (gotta have that new flyer), at least a Sonic Weapons pack to make a unit of Noise Marines.

      Raptors, Maulers and the other big beasties will wait until I see the codex. Besides, I have plenty of Chaos to scare most pople.

  2. Awesome! I remember your 1k Sons, still have pics :-) My first army was Ork/Chaos.. I started painting orks, then realized I didn't want to have to charge stuff all the time. I purchased some chaos figs at the same time and painted those up. Played about two games right when fourth came out... never learned the rules, and everybody went separate ways. pfft.

    Still wish I had a cool game store this side of the bay. Do you guys still head up to Anthem?

    1. There is Birds of Paradise in Dunedien....that is about it over on taht side...Emerald City just has product no real gaming space or players.

      Yea, we are playing at Antehm at tournaments, I try to play there once or twice a month on a weeknight or as arranged. Sometimes I go to Armada and we still go to Darkside also.

      Kicking around November for a possible Cabanahammer if your interested...

      I am looking forward to pulling Chaos back out after the long dry spell of a meh codex and the rules screwing them over. Chaos on the rise! Yea!

  3. WOW, you're gonna have to sell some stuff to play Chaos... $50 Codex and $74 flyer.. yikes :-)

    Up for preorder. Says white dwarf is available now on Ipad, but I can't find the app in itunes(newsstand).

    1. The app will be out that somewhere.

      As for selling stuff, I sold off a bunch of comics a few weeks back and racked up like $200 in credit and I got a 15% off card if I spend over $100....hehehe, no problem....I keep waffling on the Dragon, he is the tough one to decide on, the Maulers are neat but not sure how good they are.


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