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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dark Veengeance is MINE!

Well, I wore down the wife's resistance and purchased my copy of the Special Edition of Dark Vengeance today. I also picked up a copy for my good friend that passed on his cash to ensure he got his this time around to avoid the debacle of the books a few months back.

So, here is a quick review of the boxed set!

The Special Edition Chaplain, notice the imprinted base for him. What I liked best about him more than anything was just the detail on him from the smoke out of his backpack to the skull helm itself. A great figure! Also appears easy to swap out the pistol hand for any other weapon or option you desire. A VERY easy figure to customize.

Random shots of the spures...lots of bits...but easy to assemble quickly.

Most figures are in about 2-3 bits some are a few more like the Bikes and Hellbrute for example.

Two sprues are exactly the same as well, this I am sure saved GW some serious money not having to develop a second spure, so if you bought two boxes you got 4 sprues of the same in total....

Overall, they did a good layout of the spures. I had a few moments of "hunt to find" a part. In the end it took me a few hours to clip, scrape and assemble while watching a new Iron Man series on Crackle.

FINISHED! So, here they are! Just need to do a final once over for mold lines, add sand and prep for primer work. I also plan to skim over my Dark Angels and Word Bearers to see how these two groups will mesh in.

Ravenwing....I may be getting a second group of these to round out my Ravenwing squadrons.

The characters....the Libby I really like and the character has a combi plasma tucked away in his cloak to the right.

The Terminators. Not a huge fan of the wings on the helm but I love the stud feel on their armor giving it an older more ancient feel.

Tactical plasma?

Cultists Pack 1

Some of my favorites from this group.

The weapon here is I think what draws my eye to this figure.

There is all kinds of detail from the makeshift weapon to the face and the dog tags and icons around his neck!

Bare chested with an inverted knife and scars/tatoos is a nice touch!

Cultists 2, the shooters!

One of my favorites, the drum magazine and gas mask are just too cool.

The coat and shotgun makes this leader the one to stand out. The other cultist leader is just meh....

This guy just has a crazy mask that I like...

The Hellbrute, a Dreadnought by any other name!

The Chaos Lord.

The Chosen...

My favorite of the chosen,  he may well be a second Dark Apostle to my current one. Hey, it is good to have more than one crazy ass zealot!

In other news...Florida is getting a few more GW stores to go with their first founding store in Orlando in Miami and Jacksonville. We should also have one in Tampa in a few months (some point early 2013). I like the fact simply because I can now go there and order Forge World with free shipping....oh damm, I have to go to the GW store to pick it up....ok, pack up my models, got play a game, paint for awhile and grab up a book or something on the way out. Wow that is the rough life.


  1. They are some sweet minis. I got mine today. I've been fiddling with seam lines and all the other retentive, nitpicky stuff I usually do with models. The Chaos Chosen are particularly impressive. I'd love to see them give the tired old standard chaos marines (or the Khorne Berserkers...or some plastic Plague Marines) that kind of love, those guys could use an overhaul. I'm sure I'll be scheming on how to get my mits on more of these minis.

    1. I have to go back today and put some green stuff or liquid cement into some join spots to clean up the figures. I based last night so I will be ready to primer once the weather gets nice, just a few more weeks for us!

      I hear that Plastic Death Guard is on the way and I hear smatterings of Emperor's Children and a rework to the other old line. If anything I keep hearing they may do blister packs like the Sternguard upgrade for anything not with a kit ATM.

  2. Nice close up shots of the models! Probably the best that I have seen online so far... also glad to see so much details on easy to assemble models as well! Looking forward to picking up 1 ( or 2 or 3 or.. ) in the future.. more so when the drive for them is lower.

    Looking forward to seeing how you paint up the Cultists as they really interest me.. :)

    1. Glad the shots turned out well. I wanted people see what they are getting if they was on the cultists will be going red in color like my other figures before....I figure they will get mixed in with old 40k Beastmen (Rouge Trader), old metal GW Cultists, Cawdor and Redemptionists that are all red in mixing this all together I should have a strong cultist force to scare the crap out of any player....roughly I should be about to put out about 70ish cultists by then.


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