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Friday, September 7, 2012

GW Advanced Orders Just went up!

And including! Let's see if it is worth the $13 and change they are charging for Finecrap (er Cast)...

Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Weapons

I love and I hate this pack. 

The lighting claws look like crap...they look like something from a bad Asian marital arts movie with long claws on the bad guy. They are all bent in the picture and appear to have no real strength like a plastic set.

The heavy bolter may be of interest depending on the changes to the rules for Salvo for them and if special ammo if it does not get nerfed would be great. 

Same thing for the heavy flamer, but short of a Salamander player jumping for joy, I think demand is going to be low granted it is about time for them to appear. 

Now we move on to the meat, the three combis. The plasma one looks like crap in the picture, it looks like someone flipped a plasma pistol sideways after they cut the handle off. Compare it to the standard one below. Aside from removing the plasma cap from the bottom IMO I think they made it worse!  The Combi Melta for the most part is fine it looks like the plastic one. The Combi Flamer is a bit weird IMO and looks like the flamer should have been mounted lower and the bolter on top. I am no weapons expert but I don't think I would want some flame like liquid landing on the muzzle of my main weapon.

So, what do you think?

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  1. FAIL! GW does make some fantastic miniatures, but not being able to take a picture of lightning claws that are straight??? You know they didn't want spaghetti looking claws.. that's hilarious!!!!


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