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Thursday, September 6, 2012

25k Views and a 1850 test game of 40k!

The blog just rolled over 25k in views...I am working to improve content and giving a few months to see how 6th is going to progress before putting forth tactics and such...


Last night I played my third official game of 6th edition with my friend Chris at my house. This was a “learning curve” game as we like to call it when the rules changed. We played a few games like this after 5th dropped, so 6th was the same method for us to learn the new changes to the rules.

I forgot to take pictures, but it was not until later I knew the camera was back at the house after my wife’s parents borrowed it to take pictures for Craigslist. Oh well!

We got in 4 rounds before we called the game. If we went longer I may have been able to pull a win out and Chris ended up with the win after I encouraged him to try to shoot one squad to make them break and try to charge the squad in the ruins with his Blood Angels that just mowed down my surviving Space Wolves hidden there in cover.

The mission we played was Relic on the long table deployment (Hammer and Anvil) with me winning deployment and first turn.

Chris had Space Wolves with Blood Angels allies. His core list was a Rune Priest, several Grey Hunter squads in 3 Rhinos and one Razorback with mostly melta guns, power weapons and two Long Fang Squads. His Blood Angels allies was a Librarian (with the sword power and Blood Lance), two jump squads (full) with melta guns x2 and power weapon. His Rune Priest with Living Lighting and Murderous Hurricane. Warlord trait: Acute Senses (hahahaha)

My Space Wolves list included a Rune Priest (same powers), 4 squads (3 Rhinos and 1 Razorback) with 1 squad with 2 melta guns, the Razorback squad had a melta and the two others had a pair of Plasma. There was also 3 Long Fang Squads with 14 missiles. I was allied with Tau with a Commander (flamer/plasma/missile pod) with two gun drones joining a 6 man Fire Warrior Team. 3 Crisis Suits with 2 Gun Drones on the leader with a flamer and twin linked pods on each. A trio of Broadsides rounded out the army with a pair of shield drones. Warlord Trait: -1 to enemy reserve rolls. Against BA with a reroll to jump reserves was almost a joke.

Lessons learned:
1)      Forgot to roll Night Fight. Stealth/Shroud could have helped with first turn casualties.
2)      “Abhor the Witch” totally forgotten.
3)      Better placement of key squad members to avoid wound allocation early on. I.e. don’t stick them in the front and put Long Fang Pack leaders to the front.
4)      6th was much like 4th with shooting being king of the game.
5)      Plasma is the new black, or weapon of choice.

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