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Sunday, September 16, 2012

First 6th Edition Tournament at Darkside (Sept)

Well, on September 8th Chris and I loaded up the SUV and headed on down to Sarasota to play 40k at Darkside Comics. Chris brought a purest Space Wolf list, lots of scoring and some heavy support with Rune Priests. My army was much of the same but with less Grey Hunters and I had Tau in tow including a Crisis Suit commander and Crisis Team, a small scoring Fire Warrior squad and a trio of Broadsides.

What was slightly annoying is I had the lists printed up and copied at work on Friday and then that same day GW drops the FAQ going, "Oh yea, Target locks are back in..." ARG!!!! Well, I went with what I had and dealt with the lack of Target Locks that I hardly felt.

The turnout was excellent and we had a variety of armies which is always refreshing to see what people will come up with. We also had a few of the usual common lists floating about the net including a flying Demon List and the Necron Airforce.

Overall, I ended in 2nd place just behind the army I had a draw against on the last round Tyranids and Marine Bikes taking third. The two big netlists did not do well because the guy playing the demons normally has Space Wolves and the other guy plays Necrons but has swapped play styles, it will take him some time to relearn how to use the new list to be effective.

My first game was against Dark Angels and one of the guys I enjoy playing at the store there. He had a good list of Dark Angels including a Whirlwind, several Terminator (some Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield) and others (with assault cannons and storm bolters) with Ravenwing bikers with plasma guns. Samuel and Belial leading. So everything scored but the Whirlwind.

I won the dice off with 2 objectives to one on his side of the table forcing him to be on the offensive. Which is good for hist list but I was better at being defensive. He did manage to seize against me.

This could have been a very tough game for me but when he split is forces instead of going for one flank or the other allowed me to use the mass firepower I had and down him. If he had flanked as we later discussed, he would have tangled up my units gained more cover saves and if he did not turbo boost that second time but instead added more shots into the mix I would have been in some serious trouble.


Tau and Space wolves react to the Dark Angels

Rhinos Shield from one way as Ravenwing bikes race towards their target.

My second game was against Vanilla Marines and Grey Knights. This was a rough game as we had lots of rules look ups, several questions and my opponent got a few cell phone calls during the game. I usually don't mind this  but they was getting to be a bit annoying (nuff said). We had the Hammer and Anvil mission with kill points.

I don't recall if we rolled for night fight or not, but most of his stuff was off the table until turn 2. He had an Defense Line with the Quad Autocannon, a TL AC Dread (GK) and a Thunderfire cannon behind. The other side had a mess of scouts with sniper rifles, cloaks and a missile launcher with a Librarian. The building was upgraded to a 3+ by the Librarian, so the cloaks was giving a 2+ gah!

I managed to take out the quad gun for first blood, then after that the Long Fangs was shot down. At this point, his snipers shot at me and I shot at the mostly until turn 2 when his flyer and  Land Raider arrived. At this point I just shot him apart by turn 3 and was wrapping the game up at this point by 5 where we got night fight.

None of his stuff made it down field and I opted not to try to get the bonus for being in his deployment zone. 

Only got one picture for this game as we was so busy playing or looking stuff up that I didn't take many snaps.


My last game was against Psychic Monstrous Creatures Tyranids. What was in this list? A Tyrant that was a beast in close combat, some zonathropes, two big MCs that could make Gaunts, the other large serpent MC that can dig, two squads of the Yrgymel Genestealers, two pods full of Gaunts with an assload of shooting.

I won deployment again, we had the pyramid style deployment so the bugs was going to be on me quickly and we had the Relic mission. I knew if I played it safe he would get it and win.

The game resulted in a draw with nobody getting the Relic as I shot down his lone gaunt with it, then in a combat consolidation I touched it and had it, the the Tyrant with one wound chomped him and the relic went a few inches (per the rules) away...

 Carnage after turn 1...

later in the game finishing off the Genestealers...amusing moment
They tried to charge the Tau, failed...
Tau Fire Warriors opened up and wiped the depleted unit to one stealer!

The Pod arrives!

As a bonus treat a great guy (forget his name right now) has this amazing Nurgle themed the pics do the story for you these are his Vendettas and a few other items...


The detail with green stuff!

Rotors on these!

A shot of the rotor.



  1. I'm envious! I haven't had time to do much with the starter box of 40k beyond push-fit a lot of the models together. I guess I should read the rules and at least try out some 6th edition stuff...but I need proper opponents.

    1. Just get with your mates and play a few games, experience will come in time and they will be proper opponents and you will have fun also.


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