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Friday, September 7, 2012

Wolf/Tau List at 1850 for Tournament

Well tomorrow is my first tournament using the 6th edition rules with only 3 games under my belt which is a bit less than I would have wanted to have but things have been crazy the past few months preventing me from being able to really get any more games in.

So, I have gone with a simple analysis of a focused fire army with strong scoring with the ability to hand HTH within limited standards. To me 6th is much like 4th where Chris and I had our Word Bearer armies loaded up with 8-9 troop choices and foot slogging. We would push forward with heavy weapon support, demons would drop out later out of icons and mid and long range firepower weakened our opponents. This army follows that same concept. Push to the mid field or objectives at least, hold them and damage the other army quickly.

At 1850 I quickly found that I had to trim the fat and even remove a few things I would have rather kept in the list if possible. Still, I think I was able to cobble together a fairly strong list using Space Wolves as the core and Tau as the allies.

Here is the list as it stands:

Rune Priest       Living Lighting, Murderous Hurricane
Rune Priest       Living Lighting, Jaws of the Wolf
2 Squads of 10 Grey Hunters with 2 Melta Guns, Rhino, Power Weapon
2 Squads of 5 Grey Hunters with Rhinos, one with a flamer (escorts for the RPs)
3 Long Fang Squads (two 6 man, one 5 man) all with missiles.

Commander Shas’o  Flamer, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Hard Wired Blacksun Filter, Drone Controller with 2 Gun Drones

3 Crisis Suits with Flamer and Twin Linked Missile Pods, Leader has Hard Wired Drone Controller with 2 Gun Drones and a Blacksun Filter

6 Fire Warriors

3 Broadsides with Blacksun Filters, Leader with Hard wired Drone Controller with two Shield Drones.

As they are not “battle brothers” but rather “allies of convenience” I am working with two armies. Other than being able to add a few ICs to the other army nothing is a huge impact for either list. The Tau Commander can join the Fire Warriors or Stay in a Crisis uint as it merges 4 suits with 4 drones making a fairly strong unit size and decent firepower that ignores night fight along with the Broadsides. Three Long Fangs adds more long range threat with two squads for objective grabbing further in, while the other two and Fire Warriors grabs objectives closer to home near the end of the game.

I am also going with the feeling that most games will not make it past turn 3 or 4 at best with the new rules. So, my goal is to push forward grab some objectives by turn 2 or 3 and bunker down. Try to get first turn to get First Blood and Focus on killing the commander. I am unsure I will get the final bonus of getting a unit in the enemy deployment but that remains to be seen. Maybe I can sneak something in or dare to deep strike some of the suits as it appears Linebreaker is based on a unit, but does not specify what.

Doing an army breakdown of firepower:
3 TL Rail Guns at ST 10, AP1
14 Missile Launchers, ST 8, AP2
4 Missile Pods dishing out 8 shots at STR 7, forgot the AP right now.
4 Melta Guns with STR 8, AP 1
5 Flamer STR 4. AP 5
6 STR 5 Fire Warrior Rifles
1 STR 6, AP 2 plasma rifle
2 Power Swords
2 Force Swords
Tons of Bolt Pistols, Storm Bolters and Bolters
2 STR 7 Living Lighting at d6 shots

Is there some weak points? Oh yea, against HTH I could have a rough time against a heavy close combat unit but I hope to shoot the crap out of them to ensure they are not a threat. Armor I am not worried about or other shooting. Flyers could be an issue (both vehicle and FMC) even so, if they are I will just dump a few shots at them and hope they go down....the twin linked Rail Guns for example...twice the chances to hit...

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