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Saturday, February 15, 2014

This sums it up for me right now....

Thanks BOLS!


  1. Dude, is anyone playing? Was looking to sell some unused armies, and box of sprues on ebay, but doesn't look like anyone is buying. Last I played was a couple of "learning 6th" games when it came out.

  2. The market sucks for sellers right now, I made about $300 on my Tau army roughly. I sold my Necrons for less than that. In any case I didn't make a what it was worth. Everyone knows people are dumping shit and pissed at GW's ass of what they call 6th that they keep screwing up with each codex and bonus materials.....the ship is sinking, just a matter of time.

  3. What armies are the hotness? Used to be SW. I've got a TON of dark eldar, and I can't give them away :-( Nobody wants em', so I suspect they still suck! I have some painted Dark Angels, and the same thing, noone's interested.

    1. Very specific stuff with many armies instead of in general. In sum the things they can cheese out within the rules to abuse the crap out of the game so they can win instead of having fun playing. Necrons (flyers, warriors), Tau (big uber suits, crisis suits), Space Marines (very specific builds again), Eldar (Dark Reapers, Psykers, etc), Dark Eldar (specific characters, units and vehicles, not sure what is trending in favorites but is a popular ally choice).

      Dark Angels are in the back seat, they got the early codex, now they are sitting on the sidelines compared to the newer books, Same for Dark Eldar and Orks (about to get a book)

      They are shoveling stuff out quickly and know the ship is sinking, so they are milking all the cash they can by making people run to the the next army as the latest and greatest.


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