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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Florida takes home two Blood Bowl Awards!

Last year I was the only Florida player, Chris had not interest in playing at that time. This year, he and Lee both entered with me into the Blood Bowl tournament, I think it was a total of 8 players and I feel one of the best times ever.

We had pizza and beer with Blood Bowl! Yea! Can't get better than that!

David, my first turn opponent! Orks was his team.
 He is running a grot revolutionary army tomorrow!

Tom, the Skaven player that smoked me.

Mathew, orks for the last round!

Lee got  most offense (what I won last year)
Chris won Best Sportsman

The awards! Yes, that is real bottles of booze with this years logo!

Tomorrow 40k! I am gunning for a trophy!


  1. Awesome stuff - looks like a great day of Blood Bowl!

  2. They give alcohol as a prize! You guys are the coolest of all the gamers. Thank you for the pictures, those were great.

  3. Yea Anne, it is a 21+ event so the prizes are very unique. I have a bit of Tequelia left in mine from last year. Lee got a SECOND (posting pictures tomorrow night perhaps, too tired now) for sportsmanship, so Florida is bringing home 3 awards! Plus we all have a pair of kick ass shot glasses with symbols for the event on them!

    It was a great day Paul, beer, pizza and Blood Bowl, can't ask for more, except the pizza not to tear up your stomach later that night!


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