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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Kalm 2013 - Armies on Parade

Well, I have been slacking a little so here are a few shots from the Kalm before the games broke out. The weather sucked (it was raining and cold) so people was packed inside so it was hard to move around and get decent shots of several armies. I did the best I could!

My Army: Dark Angels with Blood Angels


More Orks


Nice Orks

Great split paint Marines

Snappy Necron Army

More Orks

More Orks

Close shot of the orks

Nice Marine Army

Another Marine

Objective Markers (cheap and cool)

Our Shot glasses this year!

Lee's Orks

Theo's Chaos Army

Dark Eldar

More Marines

My Round 1 Ork Opponent

Very Cool Wolf Pelt Work on the Raider

Someone loves college sports....yes they are painted a college teams colors.

Another nice Ork army.

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