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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Review: Imperial Glory

Finished Imperial Glory last night and I have to say is what a great book!

By far out of the Imperial Guard books, this one has one of the best and well developed Imperial Guard personalities that are only matched in Blood and Steel from the Bastion Series. I won’t try to compare it to Gaunts Ghosts or Shaffer’s books as those are so different and a series compared to single one off books that requires a write to develop the regiment and their personalities in a short span of a time between the covers.

Without giving any spoilers there is some interesting plot hooks and multiple story arcs in the book that takes you a few different directions. The ending to me was not totally unexpected but was a bit of a shock as to how it closes out in the end and wraps up.

I find it a nice touch also in the end of the book the writer gives thanks to his family that had served in the military which was a nice personal touch from a writer. This shows that what he wrote was from the heart as well as the mind. The front has a nice regimental layout giving you an idea of the 11th Brimlock’s organization.

My only one complaint is about the Orks. I can see how the writer was playing the orks as primitive as they were spawned from the spores of the dead orks aboard the rok that crashed on the planet. It still amazes me that the orks did not explore the rok more, especially after they figured out the lobba and cannons they found. To me, they should have been able to salvage the concept of guns, grenades and weapons like big shootas, burnas and rocket launchers making them even more of a threat. Still, it is in an Ork’s DNA makeup to understand these things and despite everything was wrecked on the rok that they should have been able to salvage something more.

Despite that one single downfall the book was excellent and worth the read! I give it 4 out of 5 Chaos Stars! Pick it up now and read away! Feel free to comment as well!

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