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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Games Workshop Invades Florida!

This little gem slipped in under my radar!

I hope I didn’t miss the grand opening! They usually give away some cool stuff when they do. At least now there is somewhere to go to enter into some of the official GW store events such as painting, conversion and so forth…

Sucks it is about a 2 hour drive but guess we can’t have it all. Maybe one will creep into Tampa in the next few years. It is better than what it was before which was none. That sucked for anyone that lived in the south short of the TN area. One could never attend an official GW store event because you would have to drive 10-12 hours to make one!

Back in the day when I worked for Games Workshop over 6 or so years ago, they had a grand plan for a southern expansion. Due to some bad company choices in the Atlanta area both of the GW stores closed up shop. I see now a new one is going to appear back in Atlanta as well. While it is a few years late of their 5 year model back then, it is good to see the company back on track in trying to expand their horizons.


  1. I was wondering if it was going to be around Altemonte or in the Millenia area. I guess I'll only be able to drop in when I have some $$ to spend, thats on the other side of town for me.

  2. Well, they do sell Imperial Armor now at GW stores among other things that may not be at a local gaming store. One of the best things is if they do another event where they do in store give aways and such. Like at the Lucky 13 event they gave away patches and such at GW stores that attended. You could enter nation events Your painting skills are great with the weathering and such you do on your Raptors.

  3. Sweet! I missed that too.

    Let me know if you want to take a road trip up there some Saturday!

  4. I am trying to keep an eye out for a grand opening event (may have missed it) or some other event like a painting contest or something to go. Chris and Lee was alrady on board to go, so we can load up and head on over one day. Maybe drag our armies with us to scare the GW employees. Granted we will either be ignored as greybeards (veteran players) or barraged to buy stuff to boost thier sales.


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