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Friday, August 19, 2011

Book Review: Atlas Infernal

Just finished reading “Atlas Infernal” today by Rob Sanders! Wow! What a book, is all I can say. If you’re into the Inquisitor themed book like Eisenhorn this book will not disappoint you. Rob Sanders also has a great technique in how he writes each book. The chapters are broken up into “scenes of a play” as you read the book. This is by design as the Harlequins are performers and this novel tells the story of Inquisitor Czevak about how he gets to the Black Library, how he escapes and evades his enemies along the way to continue his grand question. If you don’t know, then pick up the book, it offers a very ambitious plan by Czevak to bring the old Imperium back to its former glory.

I also noticed that the front states “An Inquisitor Czevak novel by Rob Sanders”. Well, could there be more books? I would say yes, the ending left an opening to continue his question and to be honest; I want to see more of this series!

Enough! I don’t care to spoil the book but I give it 5 out of 5 Chaos Stars on this one. You should be declared a Heretic and a Mutant if you fail to read this outstanding book!

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