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Monday, August 15, 2011

New Books to Read!

Picked up two new books today! Atlas Infernal and Imperial Glory. I am ready to dive into both of these books as one of them is about the Inquisition and the other is a new Imperial Guard novel. I also am on the last book of the Enforcer series Blind.

By Rob Sanders
Inquisitor Czevak (the inquisitor that found the Black Library) is a hunted man, stealing the map Atlas Infernal - a living map of the Webway. Chased by Harlequins, enemies within the Inquisition and Ahriman of the Thousand Sons this promises to be a great read!

Blind is the last book in 3 that I need to finish in the Enforcer series. Again, I recommend buying the Omnibus to read as it offers a very different aspect of the Warhammer universe from the Arbites point of view.

By Richard Williams
Tired and broken by war, the Brimlock Eleventh IG must face one final foe! The Orks on the distant world of Voor. If they win, they will earn their reward to colonise the world of Voor and live out their last days in peace.

I am already chomping at the bit to start reading. I figure this will be plugged into my night reading schedule after watching the rest of the 3rd season of True Blood with my wife!

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