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Friday, August 5, 2011

Waking the Dead: Revival of the Vampire Counts and Playing Warhammer Fantasy

That’s right! I purchased my first copy of White Dwarf (#379) this weekend in what may be almost 2 years. I have broken my person boycott of the magazine as the content clearly sucked. It was little more than a large, elaborate catalog that was expensive at $9 a pop designed to sell goodies to the kiddies. It was little more than Tofu of hobby magazines, filling but no real taste.

It warmed my undead heart to see the Vampire Counts get some love in this issue with a new unit, new models and updates to their Army Books.

GW may finally have seen the value again in their magazine as a means to update rules, add new things to old books and to maintain the hobby. This was how the White Dwarf was long ago: alternate rules, updates, changes and great hobby articles that was worth reading. You was afraid not to subscribe or buy an issue at your local store as you may have missed some great articles.

They managed to finally pack an issue with painted bitz from the Terrorgheist and Zombie Dragon sprue. Rules for the Garden of Moor, a new unit the Terrogheist, added new heroes (going back to the old codex before) and included a good battle report to help cement it all together with some hobby articles also.

Then they printed the first part of two of the Sister’s of Battle Codex. For the most part, it has some concepts that are interesting but the army is unplayable as Faith is really nerfed at least until they get their official Codex. We all remember the Blood Angels one done in White Dwarf. It turned out nothing like they published really. I am sure the Sister’s will get lots of goodies just like the Blood Angels.

I encourage everyone to write to Games Workshop and compliment their work in this issue and encourage they continue down this path to make their hobby magazine better!

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