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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Realms of Battle Board WIP

Here is some shots of a Realms of Battle board that a friend of mine Lee Coleman is painting up for a friend of ours. He sent me the pictures to show me the progress he has made using his airbrush on this table.

Lee is using two airbrush guns to cover the boards quickly. It seems that some of the paint he was using was a tad old and thick, thus causing clogs in the airbrush gun and delays to finishing the board.

Round 1 pictures of the primer work:

Round 2 with the first coat for the desert look:


  1. I think your friend has the right idea to use an airbrush, it looks really nice so far.

  2. I agree with you Papa JJ. Lee is going to send me more things they are doing with the airbursh including painting a whole Space Marine Company among other things.

    When an opening comes up to go visit my friend and another friend of ours Ralf, I am going to get some airbrush lessons including types of guns and compressor sizes among other things. Looking forward to this as I hope to get a airbrush and compressor for Xmas and start doing some scenery and mass basecoating of my Space Wolves and Dark Angels. It will really help me out in the long run.


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