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Friday, August 5, 2011

Book Review (Legacy) (Second book in the Enforcer Series)

Just finished the second of 3 books of the Enforcer series titled “Legacy” a few days ago and wanted to let this book sit for a moment before posting my thoughts about it. The book itself was good, yet lacked some of the feel of the first book. This story has a similar format as the other but with a different story arc of a rogue trader that dies and there is a race for his only heir to claim the charter as the masters of the flotilla make their own power claim to the charter with their own puppet heir as well as the shadows of religion looming to threaten to steal the charter claiming it as a holy relic. What you will get from this book is insight into again more of the judicial system and how the Enforcers work as well a splash of the world of a Free Trader with all the intrigue that lies within their own micro society. A worthwhile read and I am looking forward to picking up the last book after I finish “Cardinal Crimson” the last of the Kal Jerico and Necromunda books. A true shame Black Library gave up the ghost on these! I think still this was some of their best stuff!

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