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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hobby Rundown

Well, it has been awhile and I have been doing a little of this and that but nothing in particular.

I did a few small repairs to damaged models to ensure they are ready for the next round of gaming.

Next up, the past week I have been slowly washing about 100 skeletons from my Tomb Kings with Dev. Mud to darken them down then lightly brush on some bone highlights to clear up the stain spots that tend to appear in unwanted spots.

Part of the horde of Skeles, archers.

A close up. Going to touch them up and maybe put some dead grass on them.

I also started to paint the Ark of the Covenant, er, I mean the Casket of Souls. Just some basic paint job and this has been a long mothballed project. I built a base for it to add some depth to it and add some more detail as I went.

Next up, I worked on some Space Wolves. These was a few leftover marines and some freebies that someone gave me to try to rehabilitate to worthy Space Wolves.

I also ordered some bits from a new website called Horde of Bits. A review is pending about this company once I get my product. These will be the torsos and legs for my Orks for Blood Bowl, I plan to modify them using some 40k shoulder pads, use both 40k and Fantasy heads. Then add some arms from the 40k line to finish them off. I feel this is going to give me a very characterful team to bring to the league on the 16th for the kick off night. I just hope I get my bits in time and there is a break in the damm weather. This hurricane has just added to the humidity and rain that is typical of this year. So, when a window opens to primer you prime as much crap as you can before it goes to hell.

There is other things I am sure I am forgetting to mention right now, until next update!

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