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Friday, September 9, 2011

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

I’ve been a slacker this past week with my posting. The holiday weekend was a busy one with spending time with my wife. Then I had to go out of town overnight for a 2 day meeting for work. I have also been in a frenzy to build my Blood Bowl team and I hope tonight I can primer, pending the weather. It has been nice here in Florida since yesterday and you can actually feel fall for a moment. Then, there is a random pairing team tournament tomorrow that I am trying to get ready for.

Last, my good friend Chris is going to pop the question to his girlfriend tonight. I know she will say yes and I am happy he has found someone nice to be with again. Life is too short and one should be happy and enjoy every moment. This is why we do this hobby, to enjoy life. Friends, being social, painting toy soldiers and such that is the meaning of life to be happy.

Some future blog posts on the rise:

  • Rambling about my next few months for gaming including 40k, Fantasy and Blood Bowl as well as looking forward to the Toys for Tots fundraiser.
  • Warhammer Fantasy Unit Filler article.
  • Several short stories including part II of the Space Wolf one and a few new ones! Been taking my time on these as I want to make them enjoyable.
  • Battle Report from the Random Pairing Team Tournament for tomorrow.
  • New update on the WIP Hobby Table my fiend Lee is working on.
  • Some GW news updates.
  • Meet my Blood Bowl Team WIP.

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