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Monday, September 12, 2011

My Blood Bowl Team: Progress Report

Well, I went with Mork's Marauders as I finished off the team this weekend, I can see some character slowly going into the models and starting to flesh them out. I have yet to finish making the Coach and Apothecary for the team. These two are not as important to be able to play this season.

Been out of town overnight and the holiday weekend pulled down on my blog time and has put me a tad behind. I keep hoping the weather will break soon so I can primer these models and start painting them by next week. The official kickoff and contests from conversions and painting among other things will be given out. Looking forward to bashing some heads next week.

My goal so far was to give each model some character and distinct look that would be better than the shake out of the box and paint standard team.

First up the Throwers, these guys was converted with a standard mix of Fantasy Ork bits mostly, the only exception is the arms that came from the 40 k Ork Boyz. The ball and hand came from the starter set to give them a unique look. One needed a tad of green stuff for a wrist band to match the other and conceal the conversion.

Next, the Blitzers for the team. These guys were made with a mix of 40k and Fantasy legs and chest parts. The heads was all from the 40k line as was the arms. I used the knife from the 40k Ork Boyz cut down to make the base for knuckle dusters and added some random bitz to make them look like they was just slapped together. My goal where was to make these guys a bit more unique, dynamic in pose add in plenty of armor and attitude and we are ready to rumble!

The Black Orks came out well, I expected this. For the most part, about 90% of this model came from the standard Black Ork kit. I did take a jaw gob for one to make him look more impressive. Again, I tried to give them each unique looks, heavy on the armor and some cool poses.

Last, my 6 Linemen. Intended to be standard, three ended up rather unique and the other three turned out to make good extras for filler for the team in the future. The pads helped bulk them. Again, most of these were a mix of 40k and Fantasy Ork bits to achieve the look of a lineman.

Just a random shot, two Gobbos. Nothing much done here yet. Thinking of what I could do to add some flavor to them to match the team. May take a gobbo in the future if I can, depend on my teams needs.


With luck, I should have the Coach and Apothecary done soon!  

I had a blessing of luck as great weather hit on Sunday and I was able to primer the team. The Coach and Apothecary are still WIP but not key to being able to play, just something cool to have. Sunday night I was already adding some base coats to the minis and doing my first wash of green over the skin! Doubt they will be painted for the Thursday event for the kick off but I should have them done within a week or so. Been feeling a bit under the weather which has taken some steam out of me.


  1. Great looking figs - any progress getting them finished?

  2. Thanks! I forgot to post an update with new pictures. I got them about 90-95% painted. I got them done enough that I could make the Thursday night kickoff two weeks back to enter the painting contests and such.

    I just need to go back and do some touch ups and highlights. Also see about two spots that could use a smidge of green stuff and then repaint over some small gaps.

    There is a few things I just finished painting that I should be posting soon. Khemri Casket of Souls was just finished alone with an Ogre Maneater. I have most of 10 chariots done as well as a few other things.

  3. Well I'll look forward to pics in due course then!


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