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Monday, September 19, 2011

Up Next!

It has been a lazy weekend for me, well busy with housework and cooking mostly in between slapping some models together. My motivation for blogging has waned a bit as it is an utter pain in the ass to get my laptop from my wife. I really have to get her laptop fixed or replaced. Not that I mind her using my laptop but she is on it constantly and I feel that I have to ask her for it all the time among other things. Sure, I have a desktop but it is outdated and slow compared to the newer laptop. Things are easier to blog about with the laptop.

  • Short Stories (multiple). Teased about this last time and was delayed.
  • Update on the WIP gaming board Lee has been painting for a friend. Been sitting on this post for over a week.
  • Opening game night for Blood Bowl, game report and thoughts from last Thursday.
  • Review of the Ironblaster/Scraplauncher model. Assembly advice and pictures.
  • Ogre Army building update.
  • Ogre Kingdoms review and thoughts.

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