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Monday, September 12, 2011

In GW News

The second part of the Sister’s of Battle Codex is out in White Dwarf! Someone gave me a copy of the PDF floating around to read about the changes. A bit of old news, but here is some thoughts....

Much like how the Blood Angels PDF was, there was nothing of real substance until the codex hits. When the new codex hits, it will be full of different changes, new miniatures and new units among other things and no where close to the actual PDF version. This is just to give you an idea of directions that the new codex is going to go much like the Blood Angels one prior.

Some noted items in the PDF:
1)      Fast Attack choices came out the queen of the mini-dex. Why? Seraphim dropped in points. Dominion Squads get the scout rule. Yes please, I will take 3 units with Immolators with 4 melta guns.
2)      GW dropped “fast” from Immolators. Guess they felt it was too sick to drive 12” and still blast a TL multi-melta or heavy flamer.
3)      Uriah Jacobs will be in every SOB list to get the Faith Point reroll.
4)      Faith points are not scaled to game sizes. A bad call by GW. I suspect they will tackle this during the new codex.
5)      Repentia can now steal rides so they may be useful now.
6)      Immolators got TL heavy bolters with Inferno rounds. So, twin linked to hit and reroll to wound. Nice and free upgrade.

In other news….

GW has posted several New Releases!

In review the Lhamaean is going to be a big seller for GW. It is a great looking model, from what I hear filled with options. Many people have talked about using her as Lady M or a female Archon(ess) from the Dark Eldar Codex. This may perhaps be the next "female commissar" that GW that was one of the most popular IG models ever!

The Sslyth is just an amazing model.  Sadly, the court is not a practical unit for competitive games. I see this guy making an infrequent appearance in tournament games but the typical gaming night he will be hanging around. As a reptile owner (Ball Python), I want to buy at least one to paint up. Maybe try to work him into the Inquisitorial warband (they are mercenaries after all!).

At first glance the Lizardman Oldblood looks great then after you study him for a moment, It is a model that is too busy visually for me. They did a great job, I just don’t really like it.

I really like the plastic Nurgle Lord they made. A simple model but has some excellent conversion oppertunities. A quick head swap, remove the axe head and add a scythe to the end with some extra haft added and I may have a new Death Guard HQ. He could then be either a Chaos Sorcerer or Lord with the mark of Nurgle! I already have a nice metal figure converted so this would make a nice secondary option.

Fantasy Ogre Kingdoms Book:

Picked this book up over the weekend from some prize earnings from a tournament. Despite my gripe of the $40+ price tag it was a well done book! I hope to toss out an "offical" review from my POV as a player that is returning to Fantasy after taking off last edition and waiting until the current one had time to settle. It is my goal to give a fresh review that won't be the same'ole that you see around the internet.

The Black Box is unveiled!

GW also teased these pictures, which gives some credit to the rumors of a Fantasy Ship style game that will be the new Black Box like how Space Hulk was. Check the link below and go to the bottom of the page, the teaser is right there!

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