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Monday, September 19, 2011

Hobby Rundown

Well, I am a looking at my four month hobby plan for the holiday season. With my wife’s birthday, wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving and Xmas along with a Weird Al concert among other things is going to be a roller coaster mixed with work and other obligations is going to make for one hell of a next 4 months. I am going to blink and things are going to fly by!

September has already a Team Tournament on the plate. This one should be an interesting event as it will be a random pairing this time. My friend wasn’t as enthused about going to this one, but the food we have while we are in Sarasota is worth the trip. We both agree it can be interesting to get a random team-mate but you could end up with a one of the less than preferred players (aka douche bag) in the area if they show. We all know them, I suspect turnout of these power gaming players will be low as they won’t be playing with their buddies this time around and building nasty combos with armies. Plus Ard Boyz is next week so that keeps some from attending two gaming weekends in a row.

Next up is Blood Bowl League, at least 8 games over the next 4 months, this looks to be expanding to a few more games as our league has almost doubled in size. Two games a month will not be hard but with the holidays in the mix, that is about the max any sane person could do during these time. This is season three and this year is taking on a new team for me by playing the Orcs. The undead has been a long time favorite but it was time to hang up the spiked boots and try something else. This year is looking amazing as we may have to extend the league some and we have some new faces appearing. Blood Bowl is one of those games I enjoy playing every now and then and the league really gives you that opportunity.

Last, I may try for an 1850 event. This may be pushing it as this would be my “third” entry fee event for the month. Still, I am only playing in one next month in October due to my wedding anniversary and my wife’s birthday. Plus I have Blood Bowl going on and open gaming. Weird Al is on tour and will be in our town in October along with a planned trip to the Epcot Food and Wine festival at Disney to celebrate another year together with my wife. Be it tough times and good times, we have always been there for one another and this is a well deserved outing.

October is packed as I said. Epcot Food and Wine Festival, Weird Al, my wife’s birthday, at least two Blood Bowl League games leave not much else to do for the month. Checking the local stores, one store has an event that I could attend that is a small 1k point 40k event. This offers an interesting and refreshing change from the typical bash of 1850pts that tourneys are typical of.

November is another month of crazy options. At least one tournament for 40k is in the wings. If that falls through then I may plan a Fantasy tournament. It has been a long time since I played Fantasy on a regular basis and I am just getting back into the current edition with just a few games under my belt.

The jewel of this month is on November 19th we will be hosting Toys for Tots, Warhammer 40k Kill Team event at the store. James has been great in supporting local events and prizes will be award out during this hobby event. I also hope to have a “Bad Santa” raffle with some giveaway goodies. I sent out requests last week to several companies asking if they would sponsor some swag to add to the Bad Santa raffle. At this point I have received one “no thanks” direct from GW. A few “will forward for review” and one reply with questions about the event. Still, it is only a week out so far and I perhaps expect the generous nature of people to shine for something like this. Sometimes, my faith in humanity is perhaps a bit high these days though. I plan to make the best of what I can with what I have, that is how I was taught as a kid and it has always served me well as a philosophy. The real winners here is the kids I hope and that everyone has a good time. The idea of having the event with some food from the local Cuban place next door is very exciting and I hope it comes together. I am sure I will be posting more about this later.

December is going to be crazy! I plan to make at least the team tournament again this month that one store holds on a quarterly basis. There is two open tournaments for the rest of the month, one is a LGS that I tend to frequent, Anthem and would love to finally attend another tournament without something getting in the way. In the past it was Ard Boyz or some other special Event that has caused me to make way for other more important things. Blood Bowl will be going strong with 2 games again for the month and holidays are going to make this a busy month.

2012 is on the horizon already little that we know it. Part of me is getting the urge to travel a bit for some major gaming events. I miss Necronomicon that we had here in Florida and I really enjoyed Games Day when it was in Atlanta. That said, Chris and I have wanted for the past 2 years to go to Canada for a major tournament there. I also found a local event where I grew up that could be interesting. Not your major tournament by a long shot, but has an interesting twist. Plus, it is local boys near where I grew up, so that is hard to say no to. Games Day is also appealing, sure it is a GW fest but could be a blast to go up a few days and then enjoy the city with the wife after being a geek for a day. Also, Blood Bowl has some national tournaments in the US. I have been thinking of seeing if our league would like to “road trip” one at some point. Perhaps the Chaos Cup next fall!

Speaking of fall, I need to organize another Cabanahammer since we will be having cool weather again in Florida! Always nice to toss some meat on the grill, eat some food, throw some dice and chill out by the pool with some friends.

Already my Xmas list is filling up with Ogre Kingdom and Necron goodies, an Airbrush and a good compressor along with some DVD sets. Ugh!

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