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Friday, December 2, 2011

Blood Bowl: Orks Win 2-1 against the Dark Elves

Had a great game last night against IMO one of the best players in the league when it comes to sportsmanship and just general great attitude about the game. Had a close game until the end when I was able to knock down enough models to score a second time. It was a strange game with only one casualty that I inflicted and one  knocked out that I did. Everything else was stuns and knock downs! Also, not much armor breaking either. Neither of us didn't want to risk fouls either and take the loss of a player from the field. Of course I forgot the camera to take some pictures AGAIN!

I opted to buy Legends of the High Seas rules instead of going to a local tournament this weekend. Sold my soul to the devil, actually my lovely wife and I can spend time with her instead and Xmas shop. It was bothering me that we had alot going on this month and not much time around one another and I was looking forward to spending time with her during the Xmas break we will be taking.

After talking to some of the guys at the shop, there seems to be some interest not only for the Legends of the Old West but also for the Gladiator and Legends of the High Seas miniature game also. This is very cool and I am getting really pumped to plunder some money together to go buy some minis! I am already talking about the next Cabanahammer being a Warhammer Historical (perhaps pirates) and looking at Adepticon now to making a trip to play a few tourneys. The Blood Bowl 2 day event looks to be insane, they also host a Legends of the High Seas event and a Necromunda tournament. Wow! All my stuff could fit into a duffle bag with some clothing for a gaming weekend! Whoo!

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